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How Can Modern Spirituality Stop Being so Totally Irrelevant?

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The Western World is facing some extraordinary social, political and spiritual challenges from a variety of different sources. So profound are these changes that humanity is increasingly moving into an era that is like nothing else we have ever experienced before. When the modern spiritual or New Age movement first emerged around the early to…
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Inner Doorways Outer Realms

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‘Inner Doorways, Outer Realms: Book 1: A Life of Magick’ is the true story of the authors’ spiritual journey at the hand of unseen forces. Covering his training in psychic development by an other-worldly entity as a child in the early 1960s through to the dramatic events of 1987 when the World was hit with…
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Inner Doorways, Outer Realms: Book 2 – Extra-Terrestrial Encounters

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I am currently working on the second book in my series of personal recollections on an intensely paranormal life. In this publication I shall be continuing the story told in Inner Doorways, Outer Realms: Book 1 - A Life in Magick and revealing how the story developed from one focused upon magick into a tale…
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