17th May 2014 – UFO Skywatch and Animal Mutilations Research, Dartmoor, Devon

Photos taken at a nighttime UFO Skywatch and Animal Mutilations Research on Dartmoor on May 17, 2014. Above: View from skywatch camp over windswept and desolate Dartmoor Above: Another view of Dartmoor. Note the presence of several orbs in the foreground Above: Left to Right: Mike Freebury (author of ‘Killers on the Moor), Peter J Morris (author of ‘Aliens Amongst Us’), Abbie Dent (Lifting the Veil Radio) and Dave Gillham (Cornwall UFO Research Group) Above: Anomalous spherical object seen at dusk from the skywatch camp Above: Area of Dartmoor in which Mike Freebury found several examples of animal mutulations Above: Mike Freebury being interviewed by Abbie Dent Above: Mike Freebury and Dave Gillham being interviewed… Read More

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