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Peter J Morris has been involved in many areas of spirituality and the paranormal for over four decades. He is the founder of Spirituality Today and the author of several books on metaphysics and the occult.


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Discover Why You May Never Manifest What You Want by Peter J Morris

Working with the Universal Law of Manifestation can be a highly effective way of creating what you desire in life...but it does not always work as expected. Find out why in this article on getting the best from your life.
Four of Pentacles
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Money, Manifestation and the Four of Pentacles by Peter J Morris

The hidden secrets to creating money and wealth can be found encoded into the Tarot...and in one card in particular!
Christ and the Last Supper
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The Tarot and the Mystical Christ by Peter J Morris

Tarot scholars have often suggested that the cards contain hidden secrets related to Early Gnostic Christianity. In this article we uncover a part off the code the links the cards to this enigma.
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The Secrets of THE MAGICIAN in the Tarot by Peter J Morris

From an occult perspective one card stands above all others in revealing the form and structure of the tarot deck. This is Arcana 1 - THE MAGICIAN.
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Ankh: The Mystical Key to Your Sacred Contract by Peter J Morris

Understanding the terms of your sacred contract is a powerful way of assessing your life path. 
Sacred Key
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Revealing the Sacred Key That Unlocks the Ancient Secrets of the Tarot by Peter J Morris

The Tarot and its esoteric philosophy appears to be complex and enigmatic but there is a single key that unlocks a deeper understanding of the cards and their function.
Alpha and Omega
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The Alpha and Omega in the Tarot by Peter J Morris

In this article we take a deeper look at how the Alpha and Omega enigma is encoded into the Major Arcana and what it means in our daily lives.
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How Do We Stop Religion and Spirituality Becoming Increasingly Irrelevant?

Stop and ask yourself - does your current spiritual or religious philosophy really reflect your true beliefs?
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When it Doesn't Work - Look to Your Sacred Contract

Do we have the ability to live our lives unfettered from responsibility and in complete freedom or is there a guiding force behind everything that we do?