Money, Manifestation and the Four of Pentacles

The secrets to creating money and wealth can be found encoded into the Tarot…and in one card in particular!

The Four of Pentacles holds many secrets. But all it needs is a little understanding to unlock and reveal what lies within.

The Energy of Money

Being rich and materially secure is a birthright given to every one of us. It may not seem this way if you lead a life of hardship and restriction, but natural law reinforces the principle that govern money flow.

What is money?

Money is the expression of energies that play through you and your life. You can consciously choose the energies you want to express.

Spiritual people tend to concentrate on more altruistic endeavors, which is great except that this tends to filter you out of more earthly rewards, such as financial security. This means that many spiritual people are materially impoverished. Equally, many materially-rich people are spiritually starved.

Despite this tendency, becoming rich is possible if you want it. You just need to understand the nature of money power and how you use it to manifest your material dreams.

The Godfather of Tarot

When Waite created his Tarot deck, he drew on his occult knowledge. However, the deeper arcane aspects of his magickal philosophy are not evident in the imagery of the 78 cards.

The colors in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck are bold and much of the imagery appears to be somewhat simplistic. Do not be fooled by this! Despite the popularistic nature of the deck, there are secrets encoded into it which, when understood properly, can help you unlock a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life.

The Four of Pentacles is an excellent example. In this case, the secrets relate to money and manifesting material security.

A E Waite and the Kabbalah

Before we look at what this process is and how it’s encoded into this card, you first need to understand A E Waite’s life and his connection with the Kabbalah.

Arthur Edward Waite (October 2, 1857 – May 19, 1942) was an expert of the Jewish Kabbalah (or Cabala). He wrote one of the seminal treatises on the subject in 1929: The Holy Kabbalah.

The foundation of the Kabbalah is the Tree of Life: a sacred glyph that unifies the Western Mystical Tradition of which Waite was an exponent and formed a central tenet to his Tarot philosophy.

Kabbalah Tree of Life Glyph

The Tree of Life is centered around 10 spheres of energy and twenty-two paths that connect them. Both these numbers play a pivotal role in the structure of the Tarot. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana and10 in each suit of the Minor Arcana.

The Tree of Life demonstrates the descent of energy from the highest spiritual plane down, through a succession of increasingly dense spheres, until it manifests on the physical plane.

This returns us to the subject of money.

Money is little more than the solidification of one particular type of Universal energy. This particular dynamic relates to the Power of the Earth. In the Tarot’s Minor Arcana, it is represented by the suit of Pentacles.

The Stages of Manifestation

In Kabbalistic philosophy, energy that emerges from the Godhead, or Universal Source, does not begin to manifest until it reaches the fourth stage in its descent.

In the Tree of Life, this stage is known as the Sphere of Chesed and is associated with… the Four of Pentacles.

Whenever it appears in a Tarot reading, you can identify issues or challenges that surround a question about wealth.

Great! That’s fine as far as it goes, but Waite has taken this revelation a stage further.

Encoded into the Four of Pentacles imagery is the process of manifesting money. Once you understand the key, unlocking this process is easy.

A E Waite was one of those initiated into the arcane secrets of personal wealth using Natural Law. Later, when he came to develop his own Tarot cards, he took the opportunity to encode some of these mysteries of money and wealth in one card in particular. The Four of Pentacles.

Lord of Earthly Power

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Wikipedia) was a late-19th century, occult society. A E Waite was initiated into in January 1891.

The main structure of the society focused on graded initiations that led the student up a ladder of personal magickal attainment.

It was, and probably still is, the most important occult society of the past 150 years.

Tarot formed an important part of the Golden Dawn system as it was believed to be the most important divination system of its time.

As you know, Waite went on to become the most important figure in this movement, making the Tarot popular to a wider, non-occult audience. The title that the Golden Dawn gave to the Four of Pentacles was Lord of Earthly Power. This, succinctly, sums up its elemental attributes. In the image Waite used for this card, it shows a man, who is clearly of some financial standing in the community, seated, surrounded by four disks. In the background, there is a dense, urban landscape, which, the viewer is led to believe, forms the power-base of the man’s material wealth. Many Tarot writers have interpreted this card purely on its face value. However, as I have alluded to throughout this article, it works at a much deeper level.

The Esoteric Process of Wealth Creation

Four of Pentacles Tarot card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

The concept that the universe is an all-pervading power is becoming increasingly popular. This universal power is believed to be benevolent and a source of great power that human consciousness has the ability to tap into. The Golden Dawn understood this. As did the Kabbalists. They both understood the process of drawing down universal power into increasingly dense spheres of energy. In the Kabbalistic system, the universal power enters through the first sphere, also known as the ‘Crown‘. Let’s go back to where we started and take a look at our ‘man of means’ in Waite’s Four of Pentacles card.

The First Step of Manifestation

You see that he is wearing a headpiece with the form and structure of a regal crown? This is odd. He is clearly not a member of a royal household. It must, therefore, mean that this symbol represents the Kabbalistic Sepiroth, not a symbol of inherited Kingship. In this context, the ‘Crown’ also indicates that the entry point for the universal power. It is also a location that resides within everyone’s aura. Psychics place it inches above the top of your head—which is exactly where it appears in Waite’s Tarot card. So far then, what have we discovered? That Waite understood that the creation of material wealth is directly associated with establishing a personal psychic connection to a Universal Power. In turn, this power is drawn down through your psycho-spiritual centers (or chakras).

The Second Center of Manifestation

The Crown chakra may be the point where energy enters your life, but it is not the end of the process. In order to turn the potentiality of wealth into a physical reality, two more processes need to occur. In the Four of Pentacles, the figure also has a circle of power below his crown. The entrepreneur supports it central to his upper chest. In the same way that the Crown pentacle relates to a chakra, this second one does too. The center that it relates to is commonly called the ‘Solar Plexus‘.

The Solar Plexus relates to your heart center. It corresponds to your ability to love, create and nurture. It is attributed to the Sun and has a close correspondence with the greatest symbol of material wealth known to man. Gold. What part does the heart center play in creating wealth? Well, the power that enters your system via your Crown center is little more than energy. It has no characteristics. This means you need to personalize it. You do this through your heart center by imposing upon the energy your dearest hopes, dreams, desires and expectations. In other words, the heart center ‘colors’ the energy that enters your system, forcing it to begin to solidify into the form that you choose. It’s a little like a potter. They take a piece of lifeless, formless clay and, through his or her imagination, turn it into a useful or beautiful ‘something

Final Stage of Manifestation

Once Universal Energy is drawn into you and molded into shape according to the patterns you choose to apply to it, the flow solidifies into a state that can manifest on the physical plane. The final stage in this process is the most important. Without it, little you apply yourself to can result in much tangible gain. You have to connect to the physical plane. Sadly, spiritually-inclined people often find this a problem. Too many of us focus our consciousnesses upon the higher at the expense of the practical. The final stage of the process of manifestation, according to the philosophy encoded in the Four of Pentacles, is to draw the power down into the ‘real world’. This brings us to the final two pentacles on this card. They are positioned at a most strategic point: under the feet with a close connection to the ground.

Despite the vast number of books on the market about the chakra system, many of them do not even identify the major chakras in the feet. I do not understand this for, having done a great deal of chakra work, I have found them extremely important. In the context of the process of manifestation, it is important that you remain connected to the earth through either, or preferably both, of these centers. They form the final stage in the process of grounding Universal Power into your life. Without this final step, nothing you want, nor matter how hard you try, will manifest.

Final Thoughts

Arthur Edward Waite did a wonderful job at encoding these wealth creation secrets into the Four of Pentacles. Through his understanding of the human aura and the knowledge that the human body can act as a conduit to modify and focus power, he revealed a most remarkable process which he wanted to share with the world—but only to those who would choose not to abuse this knowledge. On a purely practical level, it is easy to integrate this four-chakra process of manifestation into any spiritual work. Use it in guided meditations. Visualize the energy being drawn into your Crown chakra, down into your heart before, finally, it drops into your feet and the earth.

The process is enhanced if you focus upon sending out strong feelings of material well-being via the channel of perusing the things you love in life. I do hope this guide has been beneficial to you. Please do contact me if you have any comments or questions. Alternatively, you could always tithe yourself and send me 10% of all the fabulous wealth that is destined to come your way using this system! I accept checks or cash!

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