Stop Religion Becoming Irrelevant

How Do We Stop Religion and Spirituality Becoming Increasingly Irrelevant?

Stop for one moment and ask yourself – does your current spiritual or religious philosophy really reflect your true beliefs?

The Western World is facing some extraordinary spiritual challenges for this current era is like nothing else anyone alive today will have ever experienced for themselves during the whole of their lives.

Spiritual Emergence

When the modern spiritual resurgence first emerged around the mid-1960s during the rise of the Flower Power generation the paths that led into the depths of the spiritual jungle were few and those that existed were relatively clearly defined and well-documented.

For those who were keen on rejecting orthodox religious teachings — and by that I mean essentially Western Judea-Christian religions, and who were seeking a more authentic system of spirituality, the available paths tended to lead to the mystical teachings of the Far East.

With these doctrines emphasis upon reflection, contemplation and transcendence they were both easily assimilated and attractive to this seeking a semblance of peace in a world of great political and social turmoil.

Soon these Eastern influences became integrated into several alternative spiritual philosophies over here in the West. Along with them came many practices that have become popular today such as yoga, meditation, chanting, the use of incense and in some case also the importation of Eastern deities.

Changing Sands

In the past two decades the spiritual landscape in the West has changed dramatically. Whereas once the concepts associated with Buddhism sufficed for an enquiringly and open mind they have, like the traditional religions before them, gradually start to fall as far behind in their relevance.

In their place we see a rise in many original Western spiritual practices such as those Pagan religions of Witchcraft and Druidism.

Let’s face it, in this world of shifting and new emerging metaphysical paradigms the challenge that currently exists for all spiritual philosophies is for them to offer something that is new, relevant, and challenging to 21st century minds.

The problem that modern spirituality faces is how to formulate a simple, all-encompassing paradigm — one that openly engages with and integrates all that is currently taking place in our world today.

Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

Sadly, I feel that most of today’s spirituality lacks the ability to engage with many of the issues that mankind currently faces.

Where exactly does your average open-minded truth-seeker turn for help and advice on where to find a spiritual philosophy that accommodates a radically different 21st century psyche?

To my mind it is often the case that our current sense of what spirituality is and how it operates does not address the core basics to our complex, multi-dimensional lives anymore.

In our current world where it has become difficult to escape from the sheer weight of extraordinary metaphysical events, strange paranormal experiences and various bizarre ethereal interactions, the sheer and overwhelming assault of these experiences upon the senses is a sizeable challenge — ones that are currently too great to resolve using our present spiritual paradigms.

Even without TV and their constant hunger for challenging insights into the dark side of life your average citizen who stands on the brink of a world in sexual, moral, religious and political meltdown is faced with some deeply challenging issues that have to be resolved before a healthy, appropriate and empowering spiritual philosophy can ever hope to take root. Crossing the River

What exactly is it that draws someone across the veil that separates the material from the numerous? For many people these days these opposing parameters involve making choices that they cannot easily juggle.

As the energies bombarding this planet continue to heighten in strength and influence their effect is not only to draw to the surface dark powers that need transforming but with them a sheer weight of metaphysical phenomena that challenges our minds.

Amongst all of this turmoil how do you seek the God Mind within yourself when your initial impetus to make the journey in the first place is so utterly strange and full of conflicting dynamics?

Can you imagine how so many lost and confused individuals feel when they enter into a personal consultation with their priest — not because they are wrestling in their mind with some theological question about the virgin birth or the resurrection of Christ, but because they are troubled with so many questions regarding the mystery of crop circles, the reasons behind animal mutilations, or the cataclysmic reports of Planet X moving so close to our Earth.

How does the church react to questions regarding an answer on the true source of UFOs, to the reasons behind alien abductions let alone questions related to chemtrails that are destroying our natural world, the appearance of phantom flying cities low in the sky, inexplainable atmospheric sounds, the suitability of Ayhuaska as a tool for spiritual insight, or the suitability of marihuana as a medical healing agent?

Whilst these, and many other subjects enter the common arena through our TV and media just the terminology employed is something that just a couple of decades ago would seem incomprehensible. At least most religious leaders have heard of extra-terrestrials these days.

Failings of the New Age Movement

Now whilst I openly criticise the modern church for failing to keep up with metaphysical developments I am equally prepared to level the same accusation against the modern New Age movement — a social meme which seems to firmly stick its head in the sand when it comes to offering guidance on so many deeply challenging social, political, and metaphysical topics.

In particular I am becoming increasingly appalled by how so very few people working currently within the field of contemporary spirituality address, or even just acknowledge, the creeping authoritarian or Orwellian state as it engulfs all of us these days.

This is a dangerous omission for it seems that of all the sectors of society that will suffer the greatest when the powers clampdown on free-expression of the individual it is the spiritual seekers that will be the very first to directly suffer the consequences of these enforcements.

Neither do I very often read commentaries by our current crop of self-imposed, self-important, spiritual gurus on the present and crippling growth of Islamic terrorism in the West, of the rise of National self-interest, of the spiritual ramifications of cloning, artificial intelligence or the genetic modification of food.

Coupled with a notable lack of guidance from so many channellers, light-workers, and their ilk who seem to me to be disseminating false ideas regarding a new world of light and love whilst all the time the planet is clearly moving into the opposite direction.

To sum up my feelings on this subject it seems to me that very few spiritual writers, teachers, and bloggers in the alternative field are bothering to challenge the popular spiritual narrative regarding world events — even when the current narrative is so evidently incorrect.

So I call out to everyone currently engaged in this current wave of resurgence of interest in spirituality. Get off your backsides and openly question the relevance of your own spiritual ideas and those that are presented to you for you too may find yourself being washed away in a new tide of metaphysical challenges for which you can offer no rational explanations.