Christlike Figure and Halo of Light

The Tarot and the Mystical Christ

Tarot scholars have often suggested that the cards contain hidden secrets related to Early Gnostic Christianity. In this article we uncover a part off the code the links the cards to this enigma.

The esoteric tradition of Christianity has recently been popularised through several books on Mary Magdelene and the Da Vinci enigma.

Do the Christos Mysteries underpin the esoteric meaning of the Tarot?

Tarot and the Mystical Christ

I only came across it a couple of times in my Tarot reading career but there is a strange sequence of three Major Arcana cards that can appear together in a Tarot spread.

These are Arcana 3, THE EMPRESS, 12, HANGED MAN and 20, THE WORLD.

At first glance, they seem to be fairly mundane in their meaning—however, when you examine their gematria values, a completely different picture emerges.

The Hebrew Gematria

Before I move on and reveal the mystery itself, I’ll quickly explain some of these terms in case you are unfamiliar with them.

Basically, the Kabbalistic tradition states that each of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet have a specific value.

This means that a word can have its own unique numerical value when you add together the values of the letters that make it up.

As you may know, there is a correlation between the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and the same number of cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

This means that the same sequence of card, letter and gematria values permeate both the Tarot and the alphabet.

For example:

  • Arcana 0: THE FOOL has the gematria value 1 and it corresponds to the Hebrew letter Aleph
  • Arcana 2: HIGH PRIETSESS has the gematria value 2 and it corresponds to the Hebrew letter Beth

The Gematria Values of the Trinity

Let’s return to our three initial Major Arcana cards and look at their values.

And we arrive at the following:

  • THE EMPRESS has the Gematria base value of 4.
  • HANGED MAN has the value ten times the base value at 40
  • THE WORLD has a value one hundred times the base value of 400

This is interesting enough until you add all the three values together (a central key element to Gematria study).

The total of these three Major Arcana cards adds up to 444. The same number the Kabbalists use to represent the value of the words ‘Jesus Christ‘.

This is strange. Especially when you consider that Christ was crucified on a cross (HANGED MAN), died to redeem the sins of the world (THE WORLD) and whose crucifixion was riddled with Venusian symbolism (THE EMPRESS), including the Palm Tree and the Cross of Crucifixion (Ankh).

For those who have an even deeper insight into the sacred feminine and the mysteries of the Da Vinci Code, you will likely identify even more significant associations between these three cards, however, I’ll leave this there for this post!.