The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur by Peter J Morris book cover

The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Understanding how to unlock the inner power to envisage and create your own business is central to its success.

In this publication, the author explores the concept of the Spiritual Entrepreneur – an individual who seeks to expand their life experience through the provision of goods and services to others but with direct recourse to the dictates of their inner spiritual being.

Leveraging the power that can be found within us and connecting to the dynamic Universal energy that exists around us, all the secrets to wealth, abundance and success reveal themselves in extra-ordinary ways.
Within the pages of this insightful and powerful manual, author and businessman, Peter J Morris reveals the secrets to starting and growing any business, project or commercial enterprise.

In this book, Peter J Morris covers:

  • What it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur and why it’s important to help grow your business or project
  • The seven entrepreneurial principles
  • The seven stages of project development

This is not a guide that you will find on the recommended reading list of any business school. Instead it focuses upon the important role that our Soul plays in determining our life experience.
With practical guides on how to tap into your inner powers and apply them in meaningful ways to any business this book is a must for anyone seeking to improve themselves, their lives and their business skills with recourse to ethical and natural principles.