Tarot For Profit by Peter J Morris Book Cover

Tarot For Profit

Professional Tarot card reading offers you a wonderful opportunity to run a small or part-time business from the comfort of your own home or small office with few overheads. It requires little money to set up and can grow to almost any size at a speed you feel comfortable with. When you begin to discover the vast number spin-off income sources you can add to your business, you will start to understand just how professional tarot card reading can be such a highly successful business. In Tarot For Profit author and researcher Peter J Morris reveals how you can, quickly and easily, start to make money reading Tarot cards for friends and neighbours. Having run a professional Tarot consultancy himself for many years, Peter J Morris pulls on his own real-life experience to help you start, build and grow your business. In this information-packed ebook, he reveals:

  • The secret to developing a Tarot business with regular, paying clients without spending hundreds on initial advertising.
  • How to go about performing one-on-one readings for others and make them keen to return for more…
  • The pros and cons of setting up your business in various locations, including from your own dining room table and how you can even combine several options to create the life you desire
  • Opportunities for growing your tarot business and to make more money without having to do a huge amount of extra work
  • How to decide what types of tarot reading services you offer to gain highest return and personal satisfaction from your readings.
  • Beginner and advanced tactics for promoting your services cheaply and effectively
  • The pitfalls many small-business owners fall into, costing them valuable time and money, and how you can avoid them
  • Specific, chapter-by-chapter, practical tips to help you apply your new knowledge in your business right now
  • The self-limiting spiritual beliefs that can stop you from making a success of your business
  • And much more…

Tarot card reading is a great way to make money doing something you love. There will never be a shortage of growth possibilities if you fully embrace the techniques presented in these pages. Once you establish yourself and your business, the opportunities to grow your business are truly limitless!]]>