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Tarot Revelations

Understanding the Tarot requires a process of gradual initiation. In Tarot Revelations its secrets are revealed through tips and professional insights for students at each level of learning.

Work, Career and Destiny in the Tarot

Discover your personal and professional life-path. Using a system within the Tarot that reveals the dynamics of your destiny you can take the guesswork out of all major work and career decisions.

Inner Doorways - Outer Realms: Book 1

From first encountering an other-worldly guide at the age of six the author experienced a lifetime of paranormal events. This is the first instalment of an epic true story of magick and spiritual adventure!

Aliens Amongst Us

What exactly are extra-terrestrials? Who are they and where do they come from? The answers to these questions might be stranger than you can imagine!

The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Do you want to build a business with the help of the Universal Consciousness? If so then here are the tools and skills you need to create any unique, commercial project..

The Power of the Ankh

Within the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh - a hieroglyph used to denote 'life', can be found esoteric secrets that when unlocked will transform your health, wealth & destiny

Tarot For Profit

Learn how to get started and become a success in the world of Professional Tarot card reading.

Cosmic Patterns

Cosmic Patterns by Peter J Morris

Secreted within the landscape of Gloucestershire, England lies a mystery. It is a mystery which outlines the delicate story of mankind's once deeply treasured relationship with life and its natural forces.