Peter J Morris

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Book Title: The Power of the Ankh: How to Use the Ancient Symbol of Life to Transform Your Wealth, Health and Destiny
Author(s): Peter J. Morris
Publisher: Kinsett Publishing
Date of Publication: 11 Mar. 2012

Throughout the World many cultures and societies understood that the symbol of the Ankh carries with it many hidden and mysterious powers.

From the Ancient Egyptians through to the 19th century mystics and 20th century hippies, the Ankh has been thought of as a powerful bringer of abundant life and good fortune. But what powers does this enigmatic symbol really resonate to?

In his book The Power of the Ankh author Peter J Morris reveals the occult and spiritual secrets behind this cryptic symbol.

He traces this enigmatic symbol through the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the ancient and modern worlds, before examining the scientific and psychic powers of this magickal glyph.

In later chapters The Power of the Ankh includes secrets on how the ankh bridges the physical and spiritual planes and how this knowledge enables you to tap into powerful Universal energies.

Finally, the author shares various exercises to charge your Ankh to use it to bring healing, increased wealth and abundance and generally boost the flow of good-fortune and well-being in your life. This includes use of the ankh in meditation, visualization and dreamwork with advice on how to open up your Third Eye to connect to your Higher Self or Guardian Angel and unlock your soul destiny.