Product Reviews

The Art of Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Put-Mun Law

Since its publication in 2011 The Shadowscapes Tarot has enjoyed a growing reputation among tarot students for being a deck with many outstanding qualities. The main reason why this deck is so quite loved, and even revered, is mainly due to the exquisite artwork featured in the cards by its author fantasy artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Skilfully crafted, the deckContinue Reading

Nature Spirituality by Lupa

Llewellyn’s Shadowscapes Coloring Book is a collection of artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s favorite drawings produced as colorable illustrations for relaxation and enjoyment. The creator of popular companion products Shadowscapes Tarot and the Shadowscapes Calendar, Stephanie combines mythological symbols and personal inspiration to create surreal scenes and evocative other worlds. About the Artist Stephanie began her career as an illustrator forContinue Reading

Offerings: Guitar Meditations by Clarelynn Rose

As a practicing Buddhist and acoustic finger-style guitar player, Clarelynn Rose has explored the concept of ‘Guitar Dharma’ as a result of discovering that many of the principles of the Buddhist practice that she has learnt over the years can be directly applied to the art of musical performance and composition. Clarelynn freely admits that Playing guitar, for example, oftenContinue Reading

Meadow Run by Clarelynn Rose

Clarelynn Rose has two main loves in her life. One is playing the guitar and the other, which goes someway to inspiring and influencing her music, is to revel in the peaceful beauty and tranquility of woodland areas – a passion which began after falling in love with redwood forests while an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz. Her love ofContinue Reading

The Sirian Seal by Patricia Cori

The Sirian Seal is a symbol or glyph that was presented to esoteric writer and channeller Patricia Cori by the Sirian High Council. Its function is to help align humanity with the spiritual forces that are currently working to shift the human race into a higher level of consciousness. Product Description It is a time of humankind’s greatest potential, butContinue Reading

The Starseed Awakening CD by Patricia Cori

The Starseed Awakening is a collection of deep meditations and personal spiritual insights channeled from the Sirians. Presented and read by universally acclaimed writer and Sirian contactee Patricia Cori, they offer an opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth and connection to Sirian energies. Product Information Publisher: North Atlantic Books Published: February 17, 2009 Format: Audio CD Language: English ISBN: 978-1556437823Continue Reading