Dr. Bennie Calloway III has been a minister for twenty-five years and church pastor for eighteen. He currently serves as the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Boston. His father was also a minister before him which means that ever since his early years Bennie Calloway has been closely involved within a community with tightly-knit religious values. Given his background andContinue Reading

The word Ayahuasca originates from Quechua – the language of the lost empire of the Incas. It translates to mean ‘vine of the dead’, ‘vine of the soul’, or spirit vine’ — all of which accurately describe the essence of the entheogenic beverage that has generated great interest within the Western alternative healing world. The properties, history and traditions ofContinue Reading

‘Just say no!’ has for several decades been the mantra of the ‘establishment’ in their well-meaning attempt to discourage drug use in the younger generation. Presented as the definitive statement on the subject by those in positions of authority its message is clear and unequivocal. ‘Drugs are bad. Why? Because we say so.’ If only life was that simple and clear-cutContinue Reading

Every generation of psychospiritual students have had their preferred stimulant of choice. From marijuana and LSD in the 1960s through to MDMA, DMT and psilocybin in subsequent decades; successive waves of consciousness explorers have used natural and manmade psychedelics as a way of speeding up spiritual development. The rising star in this long list of psychoactive substances; and one thatContinue Reading

In 2005, Dr. Gerardo R Sandoval Isaac experienced a dramatic spiritual event after ingesting the secretions of the Sonoran Desert Toad. In his book The Bufo Medicinae Codex he shares his divine revelation. “I saw this beautiful golden light emanating from me and connecting with all things, activating an Energetic/magnetic Force, I witnessed how my whole energetic body was launchedContinue Reading

Your lifetime energy animal will be your guide, teacher and spiritual messenger throughout your incarnation and so befriending it, understanding its unique energy pattern, harnessing its power as well as learning the lessons it has to teach you is one of the most powerful and effective spiritual practices that we can follow. In addition to animals there are many otherContinue Reading

To begin to practice mindfulness is to embark on a journey that has no end. Mindfulness is not something we “get” and complete. It is a practice for life and a lifelong practice. If you rake mindfulness to heart, it has the potential to enrich your life in countless ways. With those words taken from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction by PetraContinue Reading

It is often said that the single most effective approach to understanding the form and function of the Divine at work is simply through “knowing yourself”. Whilst this powerful piece of guidance may be effective it does lead one to wonder how exactly we do discover who we are and our specific role in this lifetime. Thankfully modern spirituality offersContinue Reading

Between the years of 1959 and 1987 when he died, Joseph Campbell published three of his most acclaimed works. These were The Masks of God, The Mythic Image and the Historical Atlas of World Mythology. During this period he also wrote in greater detail about some of the subjects that he only lightly covered in those works. Some of theseContinue Reading

There are many different ways in which a spiritual aspirant can dedicate their lives in the pursuit of a closer relationship to the Divine. Whilst some choose to follow a path of seclusion, living life away from the distractions of modern life, most seekers of the truth find they have to integrate the mundane practicalities of economic and domestic survivalContinue Reading

Jean-Louis De Biasi first became fascinated by mandalas after coming across them in books about Buddhism and Tibet. Later on he discovered that Native Americans such as the Hopis and Zunis from the Southwestern part of the United States use complex artwork in much the same way — as representations of spiritual worlds as well they reside within the psyche.Continue Reading

The story of Gerardo Ruben Sandoval Isaac’s fascination with entheogens begins at an early age. At just twelve years Isaac started to receive strange nightly dreams in which he was outside alone and in a desert region searching for peyote — the hallucinogenic cactus that grows natively in the wilds of Northern Mexico and Southwestern USA. The odd thing about these dreamsContinue Reading

Throughout human history ancient cultures have always held the belief that plants have not only medicinal properties but magical ones as well. From the earliest times in recorded history occult philosophers have continuously ascribed specific planetary influences to a wide variety of plants, shrubs and herbs. Even today the use of many common species of plants; including some that areContinue Reading

If you remain still for a moment and listen intently within the peace that envelopes your inner space you might just occasionally detect the delicate sound of an angel whispering quietly into your ear. If you do then you would be well advised to act upon the advice and guidance that they offer you for, as Reiki Master, author andContinue Reading

Trauma is a complex medical condition and one that is notably prevalent within the military: most specifically by soldiers who are returning home from time spent serving at the frontline. Treating it successfully can be equally complex. Whilst those working within the established medical profession believe that trauma is essentially a mental aberration; psychiatrist David Kopacz views trauma, and PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)Continue Reading

From our earliest years we learn to develop our five primary senses without really being aware that there actually many ways of experiencing the world available to us. However, It only takes one, completely unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary psychic experience to awaken us to the immense potential for experiencing another, wholly different, level to life. The question that arises is; “How do youContinue Reading

Ancient stories, hidden sacred traditions and arcane mythology are often found which suggest that certain buildings, when constructed within specific parameters, have a profound impact upon the fertility of the land that surrounds them. Seemingly both agricultural output and the general well-being of the local populace are directly influenced by the form, style, dimensions and orientation of its primary building. InContinue Reading

Small-town America always has its prejudices; its own political intrigues and its deep secrets. In most cases this darkside to local communities is delicately hidden behind a thin veneer of group consensus and the need for social harmony. However every now and again the dam breaks open and the dark, repressed elements to small-town life are blown apart through throughContinue Reading

Joseph Rael, whose name, Tsluu teh koy ay means “Beautiful Painted Arrow,” was born in 1935 on the Southern Ute reservation to a chief’s granddaughter and a Tiwa-speaking Picuris native. Rael’s early connection with the Native American tradition enabled him to strengthen his visionary powers. These developed between the ages of 7 and 12 years and soon afterwards he began toContinue Reading

Sad? Depressed? Anxious? Stressed? Not feeling good enough—not the right height, the right shape, the right whatever? Wish you could click your ruby red slippers and forever banish self doubt? If so, push back the couch and make a little room—I have something I want you to try. Did you know you can dance your way to happiness? For theContinue Reading

The Illumination of the Heart: Experiencing a Divine Miracle (The Teaching of the Heart Book 2 – sub-titled Leaves of Maitreya’ Garden, The Call of the Heart, is a collection of transcripts that reveal the continuing dialogue between the author and Ascended Master Maitreya. This is facilitated via a communication process which the author Zinovia Dushkova refers to as ‘TheContinue Reading

Life is a journey of discovery, revelation and continuous insight into the mysteries of life. The more years that pass and the further down that road we travel on our journey the more we become aware that the path we follow is a constant stream of personal transformations. To not engage with this constant inner drive towards enlightenment is a dereliction ofContinue Reading

Being wealthy might not make you happy but it is near impossible to make money unless you do so by focusing upon happiness first. Such is the tenet of Buddhist and financial advisor Jonathan DeYoe who, in his book Mindful Money sets out to guide his readers through the intricacies, obstacles, challenges and pitfalls of wealth creation. In his bookContinue Reading

Psychotherapy East and West was originally published in 1961 and was the culmination of the author’s thirty years research into the varying divergent nature of Eastern and Western spiritualities. At the point of the book’s inception very few had dared to attempt to reconcile the loose Western approach to self-analysis through psychotherapy with the stricter disciplines inherent within Buddhism, Vedanta,Continue Reading

I can remember quite clearly a moment in my life when I realized nothing made sense to me, that everything I had done and was doing seemed out of tune, even meaningless. I was sitting alone at a campfire in the shelter of a small group of pine trees in the highlands of Kenya, enjoying the first opportunity to beContinue Reading