Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery

Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery

Best-selling author Ruth Montgomery, now offers dramatic new evidence of the extrarterrestrial aliens who are already among us and how they will guide us through the New Age about to dawn at the end of this century. In these pages, you will learn: The secrets of real men and women (including a U.S. president) who have encountered aliens; the secrets of the psychic power centers both on the earth–and beyond it; the secrets about UFO phenomena our government has covered up for decades; and more.

  • Title: Aliens Among Us
  • Author: Ruth Montgomery
  • Publisher: Putnam Pub Group (T) (Jun 1985)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0399130656

Book Contents

  • Forward
  • I Unidentified Flying Saucers
  • II Channelers and Abductees
  • III Contactees
  • IV Walk-Ins From Sirius
  • >V Close Encounters
  • VII The Arcturus Connection
  • VIII Philosophy From Arcturus
  • IX Frederciks’ Arcturian Friends
  • Afterword
  • Appendix

About the Author

Ruth Shick Montgomery (Born: June 11, 1912 Died: June 10, 2001) was a well-known and respected psychic who started off her writing career as a cub reporter for Waco-News-Tribune while receiving her education at Baylor University (1930–1935). Later on she graduated from Purdue University (1934) and began work as a reporter on the Louisville Herald-Post.

In 1952, Montgomery started to write annual newspaper columns listing predictions by psychic Jeane Dixon. In 1962, she published Once There was a Nun: Mary McCarran’s Years as Sister Mary Mercy which started her long career as a non-fiction author. In 1965 her book, “A Gift of Prophecy” about Jeane Dixon was published and became a best-seller, selling over 3 million copies. Her journalistic career ended in 1969.

Ruth Montgomery initially believed that her mission on Earth was to educate the public on the subject of life after death. She also studied reincarnation and came to believe that mental and physical illnesses often have their origins in past lives.

With other like-minded mystics, Montgomery founded the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy. Her many books (which she says were channelled via Automatic writing from her spirit guides) popularised spiritualist notions in public consciousness in the 1970s through the 1990s, and paved the way for what is now known as New Age religion.

In her later books ‘Strangers Among Us’ (1978) and ‘Aliens Among Us’ (1985) she wrote about a metaphysical theory called \walk-ins’ whereby a person’s soul can depart a hurt or anguished body and be replaced with a new soul to take over the body.


‘Aliens Among Us’ is a collection of insights, comments, recollections and revelations by Ruth Montgomery – the well-known pyschic. In the course of her work she encountered a number of people with UFO and alien-abduction stories who took her into their confidence and gave some quite hair-raisng accounts of the often bizarre experiences they had.

The result is something of a treasure chest of fascinating information and insight which, despite seemingy rather archaic from todays’ perspective of UFO research, does carry the reader along in an engaging and entertaining way. I say ‘entertaining’ becasue a great deal of this book contains successive references to the two great ‘bogeymen’ of the early 1980s – namely the impending 3rd World War and the tipping of the Earth on its axis.

Both ideas (in the way this book presents them) were equally ludicrous enough at the time but actually seem darn right silly now. Indeed, the sense of inredulity with which the author recalls many of the stories she tells is amusing today for, on an almost daily basis, similar reports surface with barely any notice of their significace even in some UFO research circles. It is a great benchmark of just how big and how fast the UFO phenomenon has been growing!

A lot has changed over the past thirty years to make this book appear very dated indeed. Nevertheless reading it is great way to approach the subject and the last chapter that deals with ET predictions for the future of this planet and mankind is eerily accurate. Just a pity they got the Earth-axis and 3rd World War bits so wrong!

Aliens – The Sirius Connection

From the perspective of the student of the Sirian mysteries this book does contain some conent of interest. There are references throughout to Sirius by Sirian contactees as well as some information on other Sirius related star-groups.

Of greatest interest is chapter IV ‘Walk-Ins From Sirius’ which deals with the contentious subject of soul-exchange between human, earth-bound, bodies and other non-original Soul bodies.

This metaphysical theorey states that sometimes an individual out-lives its current incarnational usefullness for one reason or another and that their physical body is then used as a vehicle for another, quite different Soul. AMU contains stories of just such proceedures and the most fascinating parts to this book are to be found in the assertion that Albert Einstien returned to a physical body fairly recently as a Soul exchange and that some time soon (either around 1988 or just before 2012/13 depending on how we humans decide to take things) America will have a ‘walk-in’ president. This is a very strange idea indeed given that many people are unable to trace the exact realy origins of the present president Obama.

So, to sum up, this is a lovely little book that whilst not adding a great deal to the UFO/Sirius debate does contain some nuggets of information that would easily justify its second-hand price as at the time of writing this review it is currently out of print.

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