Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori Book Review

Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori

Atlantis Rising begins with the author, Patricia Cori, describing her experiences at a Stonehenge crop circle in 1996.

This event brought her into conscious awareness of the Sirians. It resulted in these advanced light-beings channeling extensive and insightful information through Cori.

Later in the book, Cori describes how buried Atlantean images emerged from within her from the age of five—a process that developed into a strong connection to crystals and their healing properties.

Atlantis Rising deals with issues surrounding the sunken world of Atlantis. It reveals how we are reliving the same circumstances undercurrents of energy manipulation and abuses of power that characterized the last days of Atlantis.

The Sirians confirm that this legendary land really did exist. They say that it existed in third dimension reality from as many as 100,000 years ago but it was washed away by a great flood.

Later in the book, the Sirians reveal that the destruction of Atlantis involved the Annunaki from the orbiting planet Nibiru.

These largely-negative beings are said to live off the low-level astral energy that mankind generates. The author includes a specific timeline of Annunaki influences on this planet during the era of Atlantis. The Annunaki are said to have disabled ten of the 12 DNA strands within the human body. They also created a World grid that blocked out any benevolent Sirian influence.

The Yzhnuni

Cori then introduces the Yzhnuni.

The Yzhnuni were a group of star-beings from Sirius who are said to have made a brief appearance in Atlantean culture. Later, they lived in crystal caves and performed ceremonies and chakra-balancings using crystals and sound.

At the time of the their appearance, thirteen crystal skulls were brought to earth by the Sirian High Council to aid the Yzhnuni. Before leaving, twelve skulls were entrusted to a Keeper located across the planet. The thirteenth, a Master Skull, was re-absorbed into 6th density for safe-keeping until the time is right to re-unite them before the end of 2012.

The book then moves into more contemporary material. It exposes the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project currently under active development and deployment in Alaska. Then, we return to Atlantis and it is revealed that the late Atlanteans worshipped Ra (the Solar deity).

Once again, this forms a connection to the current age in that Ra is the key to pulling us into the next dimension.

Finally, Atlantis Rising  approaches another ancient mystery: the realms of the Inner Earth, or Agarthi.

Through the Sirians, Cori reveals that this subterranean world exists and is populated by survivors from the collapse of the Atlantean civilisation. Apparently, contact between the surface and sub-surface dwellers is maintained today. Select visitors to the underground capital Shamballa return with guidance and insight from the White Priests there.

The book closes with a testament to the strength of the human spirit in confronting these dark forces who are bent on destroying the planet.


Atlantis Rising offers a different perspective on the Atlantean civilization.

Our perception of Atlantis as a peaceful and harmonious land may not be entirely accurate—at least in its latter days. However, if this powerful material is to be believed, history is repeating itself. The same themes of mass control of the populace through the use of technology, the threat of total World domination through HAARP and the poisoning of the planet would seemingly lead us to think that the human race has learned nothing.

Atlantis Rising is a painful and heart-wrenching book to read—but it has to be if we are ever to get a firm grip on the real dangers that confront us as a human race. There has to be a wake-up call for humanity at some point and the content of Atlantis Rising is so powerful that it should trigger anyone with a genuine concern for our future into taking some personal action to combat these dark forces in their own lives.

Read it and weep then get up off your knees and get started building a new and completely different future for yourself!