Elemental Divination by Stephen Ball

Elemental Divination by Stephen Ball

Stephen Ball has been involved with the world of Paganism and magical practice for more than fifteen years. Whilst he has mainly focused on Druidry, Shamanism, and Wicca he has also dedicated many years of research into dice oracles.

This once highly-popular and universal divination system is much less well-known these days and as a consequence has somewhat fallen into disuse.

Ball in on a mission to revive our understanding of it as an occult tool and in his book Elemental Divination he extends our understanding of its methodology by integrating the four elements – an established and universal form of occult classification that permeates almost every aspect of magic, occultism as well as some fields of psychology.

Understanding the Dice

Although dice divination is one of the oldest forms of oracle it’s use as a modern divination device is relatively little understood. Early on in Elemental Divination Ball offers examples of how the dice can be as effective today as it was in the past by using it to answer simple, everyday questions; such as those related to love, work, and career.

The foundation to the structure that underpins his system features both the four elemental powers i.e. those of earth, air, water and fire, along with the addition of the opposing energies of the Sun and the Moon. Ball explains how together these enable the dice reader to determine the nature of the universal forces at play in any given situation.

To achieve this level of insight three dice are required and used in either a single or multiple reading: depending upon the complexity of the question and the clarity of the answer required. Each consultation of the dice can be set either within or without a ritual setting but to ensure the most accurate readings the author recommends prior preparation by meditating on the four elements.

Elemental Divination includes a primary definition for each combination, a description of an image associated with it, and possible alternative meanings as well as extra guidance. These, the author explains, ”gives predictions for the movement of energy and fate.”

Review of Elemental Divination by Stephen Ball

Dice divination as outlined in Elemental Divination by Stephen Ball is odd for it is both extremely simple and extremely complex at the same time.

On the one hand whilst casting the dice is a relatively simple process the real skill of its operator is to be found in a correct diagnosis of the values it returns. In this sense it is very much like the I-Ching where the actual traditional meanings are rather obscure and greatly open to individual interpretation.

However, the author does a good job in offering advice on how the dice combinations should be read without becoming overly dogmatic regarding their interpretational meanings.

Despite this, true clarity of what the dice are trying to portray does not immediately jump out at the reader from reading this book. What it really requires for a reader to make this system work is a personal alignment to the metaphysical powers that flow through our world via the amalgamation of the four primary elements. Many years of practice and close study of this system will, I am sure, lead to a closer understanding of the events that govern and control our lives.

For that reason Elemental Divination by Stephen Ball is a great introduction and a remarkably effective point of entry into understanding our metaverse.