Glamour Magic by Deborah Castellano

Glamour Magic by Deborah Castellano

You will not find any reference to glamour magic tucked away in any dusty occult grimoire. Neither will you find it taught by masters of any of the mystery schools or find an ancient temple dedicated to its practice.

Nevertheless, according to Pagan writer Deborah Constellano, it is a very real and legitimate form of spiritual work – one which enables you to follow your heart’s by totally engaging with your inner power.

As she states in the opening to her book “Glamour isn’t a magic of landscapes that never really existed – it’s everything interesting and exciting about you that you already have residing within you.”

Terms of Reference

In qualifying her approach to what is clearly a very contemporary strain of magic the author describes the goal in Glamour Magic as the Great Work and those on its path who seek self-governance as being invariably classified by those around them as The Other, or the outsider.

In glamour magic this sense of isolation is particularly felt by those whom society deems to be Good Girls; through the social pressures that force commodification. The antidote to this is to be found through a close analysis of one’s own sense of morality and personal code of ethics. Above all else it is about personal authenticity and expression of one’s own inherent sense of unique value or, as the author exhorts, “Occupy the space you stand in.”

Worthy of Glamour

In order to operate, glamour magic effectively calls upon its practitioner’s innate sense of beauty and sensual magnetism. In her book Castellano points out that how these qualities should form a reflection of one’s sense of love and appreciation held about oneself rather than as a reflection of what society deems to be acceptable. This includes such qualities as the size of one’s body, the clothes one wears, and even the general physical appearance one chooses for oneself.

Throughout the book Castellano infuses this philosophy regarding the relationship between inherent magickal power and glamour with exercises and esoteric practices that are specifically designed to apply the wisdom in a practical and energising way. These do not necessarily require standard Witchcraft practices of ritual and invocation. Instead they rely upon the subtle use of applied psychology, practical action, and a very real engagement with the energy of time and place.

Indeed, this is a book based upon realism and a strong acceptance of the way the world that we inhabit truly works. It also accepts the rather unfashionable concept of hard work and a dedicated focus as prerequisites to attaining one’s heart’s desire.

As the author so eloquently puts it “If your Great Work was within your comfort level, you would be doing it already. “


On the face of it Witchcraft might well appeal to many young women as a path towards self-initialisation and self-empowerment. Whether it truly does or not is open to discuss but on this matter I tend to hold a rather pessimistic opinion.

However, I feel that in Glamour Magic Deborah Castellano presents a new magickal current that offers something that is genuinely fresh, different and exciting. In fact, after not one, but two slow and deliberate readings of this book, I have arrived at the conclusion that this is not only a notable piece of occult work but should be qualified as an outstanding contribution to modern magick – and especially to Witchcraft.

What really drives the narrative along in this book is the author’s tough, uncompromising, but thoroughly engaging style of presentation. This is a woman who, quite frankly, takes no prisoners and whilst she does not say as much I can”t help feeling that “If you cant’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.”

If you do manage to hang on for the ride then you can be assured of a multi-layered discourse which features not only magick but which also offers a fresh approach to the thorny subject of feminine empowerment without engaging with the less-attractive side of the modern feminist movement. It is a book with a clearly defined cause and objective – and for that alone it is an unqualified success, but for those women who love the sense of personal empowerment that working with magick brings Glamour Magic is a book that will delight and astound throughout each and every turn of its pages.