Haunted Stuff by Stacey Graham

Haunted Stuff by Stacey Graham

Have you ever bought an object or item from an auction or garage sale that, when you got it home, exhibits strange phenomena? If so, you are not alone.

Every year, stories come to light of creepy hauntings of even the most mundane household objects.

Sometimes, these can be traced back to the energy carried by its previous owner but there are occasions when even inanimate objects can display human characteristics.

In Haunted Stuff, intrepid paranormal researcher and writer Stacey Graham (who has over twenty years experience in the field) collects together a wide selection of stories related to creepy possessions and devilish apparitions.

The book opens with a guide to the sort of places where haunted items turn up. These include estate sales, flea markets, antique fairs, thrift stores, antique shops, auctions and discarded roadside items thrown away for who knows what reasons!

Sometimes, dead spirits can follow an object home with you and take up residence. In the following section, Graham addresses this and identifies the different types of psychic interferences that can be experienced following the inadvertent introduction into a home of negative entities.

In chapter two, she introduces the reader to the first type of the more common objects known to invite hostile forces. Children’s dolls.

Here, the darn-right creepiness that can accompany such items is told through a collection of discomforting, but true, accounts of such hauntings.

Following on from this, you are treated—if treated is the right word—to accounts of skull and bones hauntings, furniture possession and the ghostly experiences associated with locations.

Another common place to experience hauntings is in hotels. Once again, several creepy accounts are offered to suggest that these are places particularly susceptible to the wonderfully weird.

Finally, and with a sense of some relief given your now thoroughly shredded nerves, the book concludes with an examination of hexes and curses. These are hauntings that have been deliberately initiated by somebody with a vexatious disposition and who attempt to right some wrong they felt life to have dealt them.

In many ways, the accounts of such events are the most disturbing of all.

In closing this journey through the associated horrors of dead and discarnate beings, the book ends on a slightly more comforting note with advice on how to protect your home from such negative energies. All of these are tried and tested procedures with roots established in the past.


As someone who once bought a secondhand book on the Kabbalah from a used bookstore and got it home to find that it was resonating to some very black energies—so powerful were they that they gave me several disturbed nights sleep before I managed to clear it of its negativity, I can personally attest to the very real phenomenon of haunted possessions.

As a result of my experiences, I approached reading this book with a deal of interest and expectation.

I was not disappointed!

This is the kind of book that lifts the lid on a slightly uncomfortable aspect to spirituality and energy work but, despite its darkness, the author has presented the subject In a thoroughly entertaining and engrossing way. The accounts are fascinating with stories drawn from a diverse range of situations and historical eras.

This is a book that is every bit as spine-chilling as any fictional horror story.
If the world of spirit possession interests you and you require some solid advice on the subject, ‘Haunted Stuff’ is a terrific and thoroughly recommended place to start.