Llewellyn's 2018 Tarot Calendar by Barbara Moore

Llewellyn’s 2018 Tarot Calendar by Barbara Moore


It’s during this time of year, when the weather turns colder and the nights start drawing, that thoughts tend to be drawn towards the fact that the final stage of the year is upon us.

Soon it will be time to think about the New Year and the prospect of the following twelve months and what it will bring us.

For those who are students of the Tarot, Llewellyn’s 2018 Tarot Calendar may be found to be a practical addition to the household schedule as well as a useful way for planning events for the forth-coming, magickal, year.

A Picture Book of Learning

The Llewellyn 2018 Tarot Calendar is more than a simple tool for keeping track of events though. Designed and written by the highly respected expert on the tarot, Barbara Moore, the calendar is also a working manual full of tarot insights and tips.

Each month follows a similar structure by highlighting the particular dynamics of the period using a single card drawn from a number of Llewellyn tarot decks. In the upper section of the calendar the chosen card is reproduced to a large size and alongside is included a simple tarot spread, a specific symbol drawn from the card, and some additional revelation related to them.

In the lower section the month dates are shown in a large grid structure along with important religious holidays and Moon phases.

At the end of the calendar the author includes an addition section of tarot information including;

  • Beginning Your Tarot Journey
  • Tarot Terms
  • The Suits of Tarot
  • Numbers in Tarot
  • Celtic Crown Spread
  • The Fool’s Journey
  • About the Author
  • Featured Cards
  • Moon Phases

Measuring 12’ square (30cm) this is a publication that will sure be noticed and appreciated wherever you place it in your home.


The sheer size of this calendar offers the opportunity to see, close-up, some beautiful tarot artwork taken from a wide range of different decks.

The specific themes for each month have been very clever worked out and the accompanying spreads are excellent. The tips are succinct and insightful so that throughout this high-quality product, the user is offered the opportunity to dig deeply into the cards in a powerful and meaningful way.

Printed on glossy paper Llewellyn’s 2018 Tarot Calendar is a product that is both exquisite and elevating to the spirit. My own slight criticism of it is that much better use could have been made of the dates and events that have been included. I felt that a wider range of occult or Wiccan celebrations would really have lifted this product a notch or two. Other than that this is quality item that serves a much greater function than that of time-keeper!