Mediumship Scrying & Transfiguration for Beginners by Diana Palm

Mediumship Scrying & Transfiguration for Beginners by Diana Palm

It was a Divine Timing, that specific moment in time when our Soul reveals to us our specific life path, that caused Diana Palm to realise that her true passion in life was healing and connecting with spirit.

In that moment she looked within herself and realised that at that point everything at a much deeper level within herself had changed. Hence forth her life path would have to change.

That subsequent reappraisal of her life caused her to move into the world of psychicism and mediumship. From there she went on to work with Reiki, Theta Healing, and paranormal investigations groups who were attempting to clear haunted locations.

Mediumship Methods

In her book Mediumship, Scrying & Transfiguration Diana Palm reveals the world of the professional medium to those who would like to follow her chosen life path.

She begins her exposition of the world of spirit work by offering a background to her involvement in the subject along with the circumstances that led her to explore a wide range of psychic skills.

Palm then itemises the various different strands of mediumship that there are and explains that the way we express these talents can differ from one person to the next.

She also highlights changing attitudes towards spirit readings and observes that contacting the spirit world’s is not seen to be quite so devilish as it once was. To aid this learning process she offers her readers a meditation exercise for clearing personal internalised blockages to mediumship practice.

Looking Ahead and Within

From the practice of mediumship Palm next considers the age old practice of scrying, or the ability to look into the past and present as a way of predicting emerging events. For this to be successful she recommends a series of preparations that including clearing space, the use of incense, bells, prayer and holy water.

Some of her other recommended techniques for scrying include the use of pendulums, tea leaves, cloud formations, crystal balls, magic mirrors, and other techniques.


In her book Palm describes transfiguration as the ability to see spirits on the face of an advanced medium.

She explains this in greater detail by saying that it occurs when ‘a trance medium raises their vibration and allows spirit to draw ectoplasm from their body to show themselves in a mist-like substance in front of them.’

This is not the only practice in mediumship for there are a number of different ways that spirits let themselves be known during transfiguration. These include; table tipping and cabinet seances.

Finally the book closes with a look at other techniques for Spirit communication such as utilising sensory depravation, using a psychomanteum, floatation tank, and through the employment of the Ganzfield Effect – which is defined as ‘the result of the brain amplifying neural noise in order to look for the missing visual signals.’

Additional features of the book include a questions and answers section, references and a final note from the author.


The role of the medium in our society is becoming increasingly valued as people are becoming less afraid of the process of making contact with deceased loved ones.

TV has played a positive role in dissolving these barriers so that today it is common to find a medium holding either personal or group readings in any small town.

Diana Palm offers a really interesting insight into the skills, tools and opportunities that are available to anyone who wants to find out more about the specific psychic skills used in mediumship and scrying. Whilst the book is marketed as a beginner’s guide even well-versed practitioners of these arts will find something new and of interest in its pages.

The book itself is a mixture of personal anecdotes, practical exercises and some historic context to many of these ancient historical practices — all of which make it a genuinely fascinating account of a world within spirituality that few really even aware of. Unlike many of the old books on mediumship –  Mediumship, Scrying & Transfiguration by Diana Palm is far from being a dry and tortuous read — in fact it has been written with a delightfully loose structure which draws the reader along on genuinely read.

Mediumship, Scrying & Transfiguration is a book that will absorb the attention of anyone who is in the slightest bit interested in the afterlife and Diana Palm’s absorbing take on the subject reflects her deep enthusiasm for the subject. Highly recommended!