Practical Prosperity Magick by Ellen Dugan

Practical Prosperity Magick by Ellen Dugan

In today’s commercial society, having enough money to live a quality life is vital. So much so that, from a magickal perspective, money could well be classed as that all elusive ‘fifth’ element.

Money is, of course, a very externalized energy. It is a commodity that extroverts are more inherently in tune with and dispensed toward creating.

The problem for most spiritual-seekers is that money lives in a sort of shadow realm.

What magickians and occultists of all dispositions need is a little magick to bring the energy of money into their lives!

In Practical Prosperity Magick, popular writer and practising Witch, Ellen Dugan addresses the problem of money, wealth and material abundance with her own metaphysical view on the subject.

The book begins with a look at the core fundamentals of occult philosophy. Surprisingly for someone who is a dedicated follower of the Wicca Path, she has chosen to use the Hermetic science of Hermes Tresmegistus to describe our occult world. Throughout the rest of the book, she bases her magickal ideas around this same core philosophy and its Seven Hermetic Principles.

In the early chapters, Dugan examines the foundations that prosperity is based upon. She describes the relevance of each of the four primary elements: earth, air, fire and water. There are few magickal or occult disciplines that do not use these core foundation principles in their work.

Then the real work of creating abundance begins as the author embraces some key questions surrounding abundance. She offers some practical insight into understanding how the energy of wealth connects with Goddesses, good luck charms, metals and coins.

Here, Dugan offers a number of spells that the reader can try out in their own quest to get money, prosperity and abundance flowing into their lives.

For those that find this a challenge, the book has a whole chapter of dealing with the obstacles to financial success and the flow of abundance energy.

In the final chapters of Practical Prosperity Magick, the reader is treated to more ‘cutting-edge’ magickal practices.

This includes a chapter on the use of herbs in money magick, with a breakdown on each of the more common plants used in Witchcraft and Pagan practices.

The book finishes with a chapter devoted to planetary magick, the use of sigils and how to practice prosperity magick in a group ritual setting.

The publication closes with appendices, bibliography and a full index—always a winner with me when I am reviewing books.


Many casual observers will question the inherent wisdom of this book.

We live in a society that bases itself around the concept of exchanging time for financial reward. Thus, the idea that money and wealth can be summoned out of the ethers will come as a challenge to many.

However, this is not a book that was written for them. Instead, it pitches itself at those in the occult community who understand that everything in life, including money, is an energy and that energy can be summoned and dissipated at will.

If you are interested in the idea of personal wealth, this book offers you a superb opportunity to put down your copy of ‘The Secret’ or any other ‘Law of Attraction’ book that you might be perusing, dust off the old magickal implements and get down to business.

Like the Horn of Cornucopia, which the author uses as a very effective symbol of over-flowing abundance, this is a book that is a true embarrassment of riches.

Dugan presents one strand after another of philosophical and magickal enquiry into the energy of money, the magick involved in getting it and the principles that our material worlds are constructed upon.

In Practical Prosperity Magick, Ellen Dugan presents a magickal cookbook—a publications full of mouth-watering recipes—any one of which could bring about a major change in your personal fortunes.

Full of practical advice, personal anecdotes and metaphysical insights, this book is much greater than the sum of its parts. It offers a fascinating insight into money magick and will be of interest to a diverse range of magickians, occultists and witches.