Solar Revolution (English Translation) by Dieter Broers

Solar Revolution (English Translation) by Dieter Broers

Cultures all over the world have worshiped this stellar body ever since the dawn of man. However, as science begins to understand the role of the Sun as the central point in our Solar System, it becomes evident that its ancient mystical secrets could reveal the destiny of humanity.

The scientific establishment is increasingly interested in the impact the Sun has upon this planet and its potential ability to destroy our electronic systems. As modern society grows more reliant on electric power to function, negative impacts on our electromagnetic spectrum could be catastrophic.

As the author reveals, this has already occurred. There have been several power outages over the past decade or so which were a result of electromagnetic storms emanating from the Sun. Usually, the strong magnetic field of our own planet protects us from the worst excesses of these storms, but this field is weakening, increasing the risk of harmful gamma rays entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

This book’s main argument is that these events have occurred before and, in the process, have brought major beneficial changes to humanity.

As spiritual beings, we are also light-beings. This means that our consciousnesses are closely woven into the cycles and patterns of the Sun.

Early man understood this and, through ritual and ceremony, he was able to use the Sun to regenerate his subtle bodies. What many might have once thought of as being Pagan ritual clearly now demonstrates itself to having had an important part to play in the evolution and spiritual development of man.

The author argues that we no longer have much choice in how we process the heightened solar-energy levels that we are being increasingly subjected to. Instead, we are on the cusp of an enforced spiritual awakening.

He pinpoints 2012 as a pivotal point in this process.<


Originally written in German by Austrian scientist Dieter Broers, this book has been translated into English. The book itself is well-written, sympathetically translated and is engaging to read.

It does not get bogged down in describing extensive scientific principles. Instead, hovers between spirituality and cutting-edge space, astronomical and scientific research.

Indeed, large sections of the book take us on a journey into many possible outcomes. It is thoroughly refreshing to come across a scientist who neither professes that he knows all the answers nor is dogmatic in the presentation of his ideas.

His investigations into the effect of electromagnetism on human consciousness, DNA and the planet are both frightening in their possible effect but equally exciting in revealing the opportunities for fundamental changes to human consciousness.

The only aspect I felt slightly uncomfortable with in this book was the author’s opinion that the year 2012 is going the point at which a new form of solar consciousness will emerge.

To my mind, this proposition was generally unproven and not really backed up with any strong scientific evidence. It seemed to play into the hands of other current popular belief that December 2012 marks the point when these shifts in consciousness are to occur. Maybe this aspect of Broers research is covered by his other books on the subject of 2012—titles which, sadly, are not currently available in the English language.

Nevertheless, this is not a book that is in any way dogmatic in its assertions and instead offers a wide range of hypotheses and perspectives with the author leaving it up to the reader to decide how to approach what is quite evidently a measurable phenomenon.

I wholeheartedly recommend ‘Solar Revolution’ to anyone with an open heart and an open mind. It is a book that merges scientific and metaphysical principles in a very enlightening way.