Spirit Energy by Joanna Bartlett

Spirit Energy by Joanna Bartlett (Rev.)

“Physical mediumship is a Spiritualist phenomenon that holds a lot of mystery and conflicting information”. With those words Rev. Joanna Bartlett opens her latest book on practical mediumship.

Bartlett is a certified medium with the Nationalist Spiritualist Association of Churches and so is eminently placed to put the record straight and to provide a more accurate portrayal of the techniques and practices involved in being a medium.

As she puts it “This book aims to clear up much of the mystery, conflict and secrecy.”

An Overview

In the early chapters of her book Spirit Energy: Table tipping, trumpet voices, trance channeling and other phenomena of physical mediumship, Rev. Bartlett explains the basics to mediumship by offering an overview of physical mediumship including how it works and a consideration of its past history.

She then follows up with a short introduction on how to develop physical mediumship before explaining in detail a number of its different facets. This includes;

  • Rapping
  • Table tipping
  • Levitation
  • Materialization
  • Transfiguration
  • Apportation
  • Precipitation
  • Direct voice
  • Automatic writing
  • Slate writing
  • Trance channeling
  • Spirit photography
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Spoon bending

Spirit Energy concludes with additional resources, a collection of contacts for further information, recommended books, index, and author bio.


Spirit Energy was originally published as part of Rev. Bartlett’s 2017 book Led by Light (Book 2): How to develop your intuitive mediumship abilities.

Purchasers of that work will not find much in the way of additional information in Spirit Energy. However for those readers new to the subject this work does offer a good overall assessment of a particularly complex and diverse phenomenon. The fact that mediumship is being taken increasingly seriously has meant that it is slowly moving more away from the world of spooky goings-on and more into the realm of serious spirituality.

Rev. Bartlett is instrumental in making this transition happen through her role as an ordained minister and if you are looking for a no-nonsense, well-written, and clearly-presented on the subject then Spirit Energy is an effective place to start.