The Electric Jesus by Jonathan Talat Phillips

The Electric Jesus by Jonathan Talat Phillips

The great spiritual visionary Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948) is quoted as having said: As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world—that is the myth of the atomic age—as in being able to remake ourselves.

If we are to follow Ghandhi’s insight into spiritual matters, we need to seriously examine ourselves, challenge our personal motivations and engage with the darker side of our egos.

This, as many of us who have tried to initiate this process, and failed, know only too well, is a quest of massive and overwhelming proportions.

The Electric Jesus is an autobiographical account by Jonathan Talat Phillips—someone who began his own spiritual quest in much the same state of being and consciousness as many others of his disaffected generation, but who struggled through, past the many personal and spiritual challenges placed in his way.

During his accelerated journey of personal growth, the author discovered many of the key elements that make up today’s counter-culture. Some, he rejected. Others, like the ritual and spiritual use of ayahuasca, he embraced and integrated into his personal development.

More importantly though, the book reveals a great deal of the spiritual baggage that weighs so many people down and centers upon a more Gnostic and Alchemical interpretation of the events that surrounded him.

Thus, the story contains, not just personal anecdotes, but snippets of arcane wisdom from a much earlier era, which, for the author, is still relevant today.

The story closes with some personal insights and background information about how the ground-breaking Reality Sandwich came into being, the people involved and the author’s new venture at EVOLVER EDITIONS.


The Electric Jesus is a thoroughly riveting and enjoyable account given by a colorful free spirit. From start to finish, the speed of its narrative does not waiver, offering the reader a roller-coaster ride.

It is also an honest book. It does not hold back on revealing the loves, losses and dramatic personal challenges in his battle to control the rising snake of Kundalini—an inner spiritual force that has seen off many lesser mortals!

The story being told in ‘The Electric Jesus’ is a personal revelation that many people, including perhaps Ghandi himself, will identify with but which few would wish to experience.

Indeed, I opened this review with a Ghandhi quote and so I shall end it with another. The great man once said that: You must be the change you want to see in the world.

Yet another pearl of spiritual wisdom. One that is surely never more applicable than it is to Jonathan Talat Phillips, who has confronted his demons and, through deep inner-transformation, now has something significant to offer to a messed-up world, which, I feel, he is going to be instrumental in helping to change some day.