The Secret Country of Yourself by Jenya T Beachy

The Secret Country of Yourself by Jenya T Beachy

Deep inside yourself there exists a unique inner cosmos – a place where your innermost dreams and fantasies reside and which serve to animate your core being. It is a world, a place, and environment Pagan writer and practitioner Jenya T Beachy describes as your ‘Secret Country’.

In her book The Secret Country Of Yourself Beachy offers her readers a gateway, or doorway, into that world and to such locations as your Inner Temple, Sanctuary, and Shadow House.

Tapestry of Influences

The methodology that Beachy employs to access this domain is drawn from a variety of different sources. She describes herself as an originator of the Shapeshifter Line within the Anderson Feri Tradition of Witchcraft. She cites her influences as having been drawn from many diverse sources; including neo-Paganism, the Seth Material by Jane Roberts, Buddhist teachings, and Rumi’s poetry.

In addition she also credits a great deal of her magickal understanding as simply having been drawn from tending her land and the animals that live on her farm.

Inner Contents

So what can one expect to experience from any journey into the Secret Country? Well, the author lists some examples of the benefits that can be gleaned from entering the Secret Country. They include;

  • An ability to connect to inner guides and personal allies
  • To reach back and connect to ancient ancestors and to move forward to meet one’s descendants
  • Connect to future and past aspects of your Self
  • Interact with animal guides
  • Recognise the stillness of the inner being
  • Explore obstacles holding you back in life
  • Study alongside any of the great teachers who ever lived
  • Read any book, written or unwritten – even one penned by yourself
  • Meet the gods of your heart and of your tribal collective
  • Travel through the inner Earth or forest reaches of the Universe

Following this expose the author then follows up with a series of exercises that are intended to strength and empower the inner spirit. Once developed these enable the reader to enter into the next stage of the process which involves the creation of a personal altar from which to work the magick. This includes being able to create allegiances with inner guides, create closer connections to one’s working tools, and to build the sanctuary within which resides your sacred space and the highest expression of your God-self.


The Secret Country Of Yourself walks a path between what we might define as modern Paganism and traditional Shamanism. It is a book that cuts through to the heart of who we are as individuals and connects any traveler who wishes to travel this road to the vital magickal functions that underpin practical pychospiritual work of any type.

The result is a book of immense scope; for the exercises that the author includes, and the processes she describes, particularly in connecting to significant Inner Deities, are workable within many occult philosophies and not just Wicca or Paganism.

The various realms the author identifies as significant to the work of traveling the Secret Country are particularly interesting and the inclusion of the area of the Shadow Realm recognises the depths of the inner terrain that the seeker can travel using these methodologies.

I have to say that I enjoyed reading this book immensely, its non-flowery, down-to-earth approach to magick comes as a welcome respite from the plethora of books on the subject which seek the source of personal power from an environment external to the practitioner. Instead this is a book that places personal power fair-and-square within the depths of one’s inner being and for that reason, if no other, the result is a powerfully transformative publication – one which presents a richly-encompassing view of the human psyche and its operation.