From Anxiety to Love by Corinne Zupko

From Anxiety to Love by Corinne Zupko

Anxiety, closely followed by depression with which it is often closely associated, is one of the most debilitating of mental afflictions. It is also a condition that is growing at an alarming rate throughout the Western World. According to recent statistics it affects 40 million adults in the United States alone.

One of those who has suffered badly from anxiety was Corrine Zupko. Although now a licensed counsellor Zupko struggled for over thirty years with panic attacks so severe that in her book From Anxiety to Love she describes them as “one of the worst, most terrifying experiences of my life“.

Nevertheless, despite the darkness and emotional pain that taunted her, she confronted the condition head on and is now able to reflect back upon that period of her life as one of the great learning opportunities. It is also one she shares with her readers along with the hope and intention of guiding them out of their own problem and on towards a pathway leading to love and inner peace.

The Key

In searching for answers to her own complex afflictions Zupko discovered the tools she needed to tackle her anxiety within the universally-acclaimed book A Course in Miracles. This metaphysical text aids a transition within its readers from a state of fear, mainly driven by mental concerns, through to the full embrace of Love.

The guidance Zupko offers in From Anxiety to Love is structured around three important elements of the journey that leads from the darkness of despair up and out into the light. They are;

Part One – The Descent into Anxiety reveals those psychological aspects to our egocentric self that is mainly responsible for the separation that develops between our mundane and spiritual selves.

Part Two – The Ascent into Peace focuses upon the resolution of anxiety with the aid of The Inner Therapist – an internal spiritual elect to our core being which can, should we so allow it, to restore a sense of Love ( as a dynamic external principle) back into our lives.

Part Three – Putting it All Together. Here the author shares some common anxiety situations and shows the reader how to work through them using the principles outlined earlier in the book. This includes methods for dealing with some of the most powerful and debilitating aspects to anxiety.

In her summarisation Zupko reflects upon the inestimable part that the Holy Spirit, or One”s own Inner Therapist, plays in the reorientation towards freedom from fear and restriction. As she states “If you truly desire healing, your mind will heal.”


Most of us will recognise within our own live’s the author’s personal experiences of deep anxiety and its debilitating impact. It is a universal affliction which almost seems to come with what it is to be a human being.

Whether the advice being offered here is applicable to you is determined less by whether you understand the basic teachings of A Course Of Miracles and more whether you can garner the mental strength to see yourself through the process of transformation alone and without the aid of a therapist.

If the latter is your chosen approach to improving your mental well-being then this is a manual of guidance which offers an important road back; not just to an improved mental health but also to creating a closer understanding of the universal power of Love and our inherent connection to the Divine.

At no point in this book does the author either understate the impact of the problem of reforging these links. Neither does she underplay the amount of work that is actually required in trying to navigate a way through the state of fear that can immobilise us much like a rabbit caught in the headlamps of an oncoming car.

However the pathway by which the author guides her readers is one that harnesses the indefatigable strength of the human spirit and by engaging with it the reader is taken gently by the hand and encouraged back up to the surface.

This is a book of immense spiritual maturity and personal conviction. It should, and will, be seen as one of the more powerful publications of its genre and generation.