Awaken Your Genius by Carolyn ElliottAwaken Your Genius by Carolyn Elliott

Awaken Your Genius by Carolyn Elliott

We tend to associate the word “genius” with a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability

In Ancient Rome, however, a slightly different connotation was placed upon the word; for them the ‘genius’ was the guiding, or instructional, spirit associated with either a house, place or a person.

In her book Awaken Your Genius, Carolyn Elliott observes that from her perspective a genius is … a generative energy that manifests creations that are original, alive and individual – soulful.

Her perspective on our personal genius – one that is the essence of an individuals creative unconscious, is something that she feels forms a part of everyone single one of us an dis not just limited to a select few individuals.

According to Carolyn the genius demon, or daimon as its often called, ‘..holds our creative power, but its a tricky thing with a will of its own.

For Carolyn, the process involved in reclaiming ones’ inner genius is through an uncompromising journey into what and who you really are.

She equates this challenging process to that of Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ but broadens its scope of effect by describing it as a Mythic Journey.

In Awaken Your Genius, its author has separates the process of awakening into seven specific stages.

In part one, titled ‘Hearing Your Heart’s Call’, Carolyn Elliott explores the true role of the genius and the struggle it undergoes to be recognized in our unbalanced society. The author likens this state to that of ‘sleepwalking’ and warns us that addictions very often arise as the result of a dampened spiritual energy.

In step two, ‘Accepting the Call’, the reader is invited to build upon the relationship that we are called upon to create with our heart’s and to learn how to listen to its spiritual calling.

In other words we need to learn to surender ourselves to its wisdom.

In step three, ‘Meeting Your Guide’, Carolyn speaks about emerging synchronicities that develop once we connect to our heart energy. She states that it is through this process that our personal symbols, and in particular those related to one’s personal mythic quest, also appear.

At this stage she explains how it is possible to inter-connect, and to work closely, with your own personal guide.

With your helper now in tow, the fourth stage, ‘Crossing the Threshold’ can be undertaken.

This starts with a personal acknowledgment of your emotional desires and works through a process which the author refers to as ‘visualizing your emotional preferences’.

Step five is ‘Enduring Trials’. These include such challenges as becoming and then developing innocence – a process which the author openly agrees is not easy in a social environment such as the one we have developed here in the West.

Step six is titled ‘Becoming Divine’. Here the author returns to explore the impact of divine and unconditional love as well as consideration of the important place that heart-listening plays in receiving universal wisdom.

Finally, in part seven, ‘Taming Your Genius’, Carolyn Elliott returns to consider the role that your ‘common-place book’ plays and how, by looking back through it to the many experiences and insights you have gleaned along your mythic journey, you are able to identify your genius – where it is and how it works.

In concluding her book Carolyn Elliott says …in order to grow you need other magical people with acrive geniuses. You need to gather them up and involve them in your play.

Given the opportunity to do so I am sure Carolyn Elliott would wish this central principle pervade our currently, deeply messed up world.


In the concluding part of her book Carolyn Elliott describes an encounter that she had with her own genius – an experience that, much like similar experiences described by Anthony Peake’s in his book The Daemon, can be both terrifying and dangerous.

Awaken Your Genius, it must be said, is a book that falls roughly into that same sort of dark and terrible territory.

From its outset Caroyn demonstrates that the process of awakening and that of following your mythic quest or connecting to your inner genius, is about as challenging a personal task as any other deep challenge that we encounter in our lives.

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted – which is perhaps explains why there are quite so few genuine geniuses in this world.

So, if you are one of those who are not afraid to confront the darkest recesses of their inner worlds or who feel threatened by the thought of throwing off the chains that bind you to a comfortable and familier material existence then this has to be a book that would fascinate your inner desire for adventure.

Written with a deep lack of respect for the mundane and an utterly contemptuous regard for a society that trivializes everything it feeds upon, Carolyn Elliott offers a spectacular vistas of a future that she attained for herself and which, if you are prepared to sacrifice yourself on the fire of self-transformation, you can obtain for yourself.

Do not, I warn you, confuse this publication with any fluffy New Age pscho-spiritual guff for this is a book that speaks from the pen of someone with a raw passion and unadulturated lust for creative power.

In short, the result is nothing short of being a truly remarkable book – one dosed up with a remarkable sense of power and an energy that pervades through its pages.

It is no less than the sort of book that no self-respecting developmental artist of any persuasion would want to be without.

Awaken Your Genius acts as a mythic quest path – one which ultimately leads to direct confrontation with the power of your true genius – a demon that offers the world but whom takes no prisoners. It is an outstanding book – one forged by an author who has cleared the dense psychospiritual undergrowth so that others can safely navigate the same dark terrain for themselves.