Betwixt and Between by Storm Faerywolf

Betwixt and Between by Storm Faerywolf

The Faery Tradition (not to be confused with the fairy tradition) in Witchcraft is seen as a comparatively recent offshoot of the traditional Gardenerian form of the Craft.

Originating in the West Coast of America it is a path to personal power that actually has its roots in an ancient strain of the Craft and which today is enjoying a resurgence of interest. This is mainly due to the emerging experts in the field such as Storm Faerywolf.

Hailing from San Francisco Faerywolf holds a Black Wand of a Master and is the founder of BlueRose, a school and lineage of the Faery Tradition. Through this he offers help and teaching to those occult practicioners who are looking for a new o contemporary interpretation of the magical arts.

A Dark Realm

In the introduction to his book on the Faery Tradition titled Betwixt and Between Storm Faerywolf talks openly about his fascination with this form of Witchcraft and how it has led him to spend the last thirty years working within it.

For those who are new to this branch of the Western esoteric tradition he explains how the Faery Tradition is primarily Shamanic in style as it is primarily based upon a personal journey into the Shadowrealm. Here the student can enter into a close discourse with inner his own, rather than external, spiritual beings and powers.

This process, as he warns his readers, is not an easy one to take. It releases dormant or hidden powers and for that reason it is not an approach to magic suitable for everyone.

He states “When we eventually touch these powers, they cause changes within us, shining a light deep within our own shadow, and then we are suddenly better able to see what lives there.”

Faerywolf’s book provides a safe, practical guide to approaching and touching those powers. He creates the sort of environment within which to release them and demonstrates how as a consequence the harnessing of these energies can determine your destiny.

Establishing a Base

In Betwixt and Between Faerywolf splits his insights into numerous different stages of working practice. This includes the creation of a foundation through personal development, preparation, atonement and alignment with the Faery Way.

Initial preparatory work is covered in Part One. Here he covers such subjects as the creation of a temple, the importance of breath, the three types of Souls, the work of purification and integrates the core concepts of the Iron Pentagram.

This is then followed-up in Part Two with an examination of the Hidden Temples of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Aether.

In Part Three the author reveals the intricacies involved in travelling between the Worlds, or regions, within the Land of Faery. These are commonly known as Middleworld, Underworld and Overworld.

He describes the nature of the journey between these regions as well as the form of etiquette that Students should learn and why it is that it is so important to both respect and appreciate the nature of Faery powers themselves.

Our Review of Betwixt and Between by Storm Faerywolf

After reading the above synopsis of Betwixt and Between by Storm Faerywolf you may begin to appreciate that the Faery Tradition is quite a different strain of traditional Witchcraft – as indeed it is.

However, what Betwixt and Between offers may well be attractive to those who, like myself, fail to feel completely comfortable with the modern, rather dull, interpretation of the Craft.

In this publication Faerywolf offers a perspective that draws upon the new magical boundaries established by people such as Starhawk and R.J. Stewart with the latter’s ideas and concepts regarding the Underworld being particularly evident.

The book itself is very well written. The author has managed to weave a personalised style of presentation into core magical theory which can be, by its very nature, rather dry and demanding.

What really shines through the pages of this large and powerfully authoritative book is the sheer sense of aliveness that the Faery path has breathed into its author. This is very often something that you tend not to get with other workers of traditional Witchcraft.

So, in short, I enjoyed this book immensely and was carried along from start to finish with its sheer exuberance but inherently grounded approach to magic.

Betwixt and Between by Storm Faerywolf is an important publication. It is one that will sit comfortably on the bookshelves of any occult student who is  looking for a clear and effective system of magical training: one that is both unhampered by the accumulated residue of history and which does not feel the need to apologise for entering the dark-zone of magical power.