Breaking Up with Busy by Yvonne Tally

Breaking Up with Busy by Yvonne Tally

Today, ‘busyness’ has become something of a badge of social honor. After all, we all wish to be seen as productive and creative, energized and motivated members of our families and communities.

However, for many women the job of having to cope with the constant organization, preparation, and purpose-driven action leads to become overworked, overstressed and anxious. In time this can lead to a point where a disconnect takes place between what we have become on an external level and the core essence of who we are that resides hidden within.

In her book Breaking up with Busy: Real-Life Solutions for Over-scheduled Women NLP Master practitioner, Yvonne Tally offers a radical resolution to the issue of overactivity at the expense of Self.

Personal Experience

Tally’s approach to this problem is one that she has developed through a recognition of the damage created within her own over-busy lifestyle. Long days at work and short night with little sleep, along with childrearing, were causing her to become another statistic in the estimated 55 million women who today are struggling to reclaim their lives – to enjoy their own personal time through which to develop their own personal aspirations and set life-affirming goals.

Recognizing that the pressures of a hectic schedule were starting to impact negatively upon her own health she sought out alternative approaches.


Tally opens her book with a number of nightmare stories and personal accounts from those also caught up in an all in-compassing madness created through family, work and social demands. She identifies ten specific signs that indicate the need to “break up with busy“. In some cases the author cites the real dangers that can emerge from ignoring them, identifies the traps that women typically fall into and then offers insights as to how to break free from them.

In subsequent chapters of the book Tally calls upon her readers to self-diagnose and self-analyze their addiction to busyness. Here she drills down into many of the typical subconscious influences that tend to drive women into a world of constant action and reaction.

In the end, Tally expresses the hope and desire that her readers will discover a clearer pathway to living the life they truly desire. As she puts it, “This book is about mindful intentions, clear and thoughtful communication, healthy boundaries, and a big dose of love and compassion for one another.“


In Breaking Up With Busy Yvonne Tally details her five-step process; one that operates as a way of dropping busy habits and moving into engagement with mindfulness-based solutions that counteract poor health and mental/emotional fatigue.

The way she presents these, the depth of understanding she shows of the issues involved, and her compassion for the circumstances many of her readers feel trapped by, makes this a highly readable book. It is a thoroughly impressive and masterful exposition of an extremely damaging psychological problem; one that is balanced with a deep exploration of challenges involved in resolving, healing and repairing.

Not only is this a beautifully produced book but it is extremely well-written and has been structured in such a way that throughout its pages it remains a constant source of encouragement and support. It’s practical resolution to deep-seated and pressurized stresses reveals a author who hits the mark time and again – no matter how difficult and challenging the problem appears to be or how much the reader might wish or choose to ignore them.

Whilst this book is pitched mainly at women by highlighting their specific circumstances, obligations, and commitments, many of the issues raised here are equally applicable to over stressed, career-centric, and status-hungry alpha males—leading me to strongly recommend this book as essential reading to anyone trapped by the pressures of modern life. It might just save your health, relationships…and sanity!