Breathing Love: Meditation in Action by Jennie Lee

Breathing Love by Jennie Lee

Where is the love?

With that opening call to the World certified yoga therapist Jennie Lee introduces Breathing Love – a spiritual guide to living love as an embodied meditation practice.

Within its pages the author calls upon her readership to embrace the challenge of shifting their core consciousness from one based upon fear and negativity to that of faith and trust.

Her message is simple but unequivocal, “…open your heart beyond the constrictions of lack and defensiveness in order to become truly peaceful and powerful.”

Infinite Love

The power of which Lee speaks is identified as residing within us all; except that for the most part it remains dormant. The path to awakening encourages this transformative energy to be breathed outwards through concerted action and freely released into a World that sadly is all too short of it.

The clear purpose of writing Breathing Love is evidently borne from the author’s passionate desire to see this change brought about and throughout her book she offers a clear and concise guide on how to unlock the human heart.

Lee states “As our hearts open to what is deeper and more powerful than we imagined, fear ceases and we find peace.” This, she assures her readers, is a practice that all the self-realised masters throughout the ages have perfected.

A Motivating Principle

Split into two parts, Breathing Love initially focuses upon the difference between human and divine love. It charts the typical obstacles we tend to experience as we seek to express deeper forms of love as well as presenting practical guidance on how these blockages can be dissolved and removed. In the second part of her book Lee reveals the process by which everyone of us can create a new reality for ourselves based upon the empowering energy of love.

Whilst it appears to reside solely within the human body love is in fact, according to Lee, a Universal power – a raw energy that comprises the very fabric of the universe. She argues that our search for love in our daily lives can often simply be a substitution for our innate desire to connect to, and heal, the broken Soul connections that reside within us. Ultimately, our search for love in the World outside of ourselves is really our natural desire to connect to the Divine.

To this end Breathing Love offers specific examples of how the Soul operates and functions and Lee advises that it is important to live with a strong, direct, and permanent connection to these influences. However, in order to do so it is imperative to first quieten the heart. This, she advises, is achieved through meditation and its ability to align it to love.

Love, it seems, rules and conquers all.


The core principles that Lee reveals in her book are timeless; there can be few people who have studied any form of spirituality who have not encountered them before in one form or another. However woven into the author’s own particular take on the subject are a multitude of additional metaphysical concepts, laws, and values that underpin the dynamic of love and the process of awakening to its power.

Whilst the author does reference Eastern concepts and principles this is very much a book for the enquiring and inquisitive Western mindset. It is not encumbered by an endless array of ancient, hypothetical practices and arcane rituals. Instead it forms a rich, varied, colourful, and energising exposition of modern variants of established spiritual work.

For this reason I sense that Breathing Love, as a book, is an expression of its own subject matter and, I guess, a natural extension of its author who does an excellent job throughout confronting the inherent challenges that we all face in trying to love and be loving in a free and open way.

Breathing Love is a publication with a deep pulse and a very energising message. It is one of those works that translates and transforms, guides and prompts its reader into appreciating the transformative power of Divine Love.

Irrespective of your religious or spiritual beliefs Breathing Love is a highly-recommended read.