Collapsing Consciously by Carolyn Baker

Collapsing Consciously by Carolyn Baker

Ever since the year 2000AD, the whole of the Western system of governance has appeared to enter into free-fall.

Many of the weaker and more vulnerable members of our society have experienced these changes more than others. However, none are more keenly aware of the dramatic shifts that are taking place than those who are active within the psycho-spiritual community.

Carolyn Baker PhD (a former psychotherapist and professor of psychology and history), is someone who is at the frontline of these changes. In Collapsing Consciously, she presents her perspectives on the way that society is seemingly folding in on itself.

Viewing our so-called civilized world as an out-moded and unsustainable concept that is no longer able to maintain itself, Baker outlines the key aspects of a society that needs to drastically re-evaluate its core values or be doomed to meet a sticky end.


Through these series of articles and commentaries, Carolyn Baker presents her readers with a stark reality: either cope with the shift that is taking place or be taken down by it into a very dark place!

Covering topics such as national debt, the human shadow, sexuality, archetypes and gender discrimination, she takes a scattergun approach to the myriad of complex and seemingly irreconcilable problems.

This book is written from a personal perspective, rather than as a factual investigation and sometimes her vision of the future is evidently determined by the economic and social collapse that was taking place in her home country of America during the time that she compiled her commentaries.

While many of the social issues remain, the economic outlook has been improving for most areas the World and those dark days of 2007-2011 are starting to become a distant memory.

Many would argue, and Carolyn Baker might be one of them, that this is but a blip on the radar screen and that Western Civilization is still in a state of decline.

They may be right but I believe that the author’s sense of fatalism which pervades this book is misdirected. There is evidence to suggest that, rather than collapsing, the Western World is in a state of transformation—a process that may take decades, or even centuries, to complete.

With these caveats out of the way, I will admit to having enjoyed reading Collapsing Consciously..

Its slightly unstructured approach to the subject makes a lighter read than might ordinarily be the case. It is a book that you can pick up and take snatches of insight from to get you thinking throughout the day.

Collapsing Consciously really starts to justify its place on your bookshelf with its final section which presents fifty-two weekly meditations on the collapse of industrial civilization. These are somewhat more joyous and uplifting than the early part of the book,offering the reader an opportunity to consider their own spiritual position on a variety of philosophical subjects.

In troubled times, Collapsing Consciously will confirm many readers’ worst fears about any social and economic predicament they are in. For those who accept challenges as opportunities to grow, it offers a great deal of valuable guidance.