Compassion is the Key to Everything by Alexandra Chauran

Compassion is the Key to Everything by Alexandra Chauran

Do you consider yourself to have a compassionate nature? Most spiritual people are involved in some sort of work to help humanity or who are engaged in caring for another person on an individual basis would quite naturally consider themselves to be capable of expressing a high level of compassion towards those who might be less fortunate than themselves.

But what exactly are the practical challenges involved in acting emphatically towards others? Do we put others needs before those of our own? Do we know when it is entirely appropriate to act compassionately or whether to stand back and allow those who might be calling out for our support to learn by the lessons of their own wrong-doing.

Morals and Dilemmas

In Compassion is the Key to Everything, professional psychic intuitive Alexandra Chauran considers what it really means to be a compassionate person.

As a professional person dealing with paying clients, a mother of young children, and a wife, she is keenly aware of the challenges that supporting them all brings her. She is also keenly aware that as a highly-tuned empath, she needs to establish boundaries or she will be sucked into an energy-draining connection with needy people.

Compassion is not a characteristic, however, that stands alone as a human trait. In the opening to her book, Chauran expands upon the various offshoots of compassion that are equally in need of attention and cultivation.

These include elements such as performing random acts of kindness; giving your resources freely and generously; and learning to offer that most precious of all commodities, time, through listening openly and non-judgmentally to others.

Most importantly of all is learning how to love others and oneself unconditionally.

And so the list of supporting characteristics that make the development of a compassionate nature goes on for, in her book, Chauran expands the connections even further by exploring the equally important traits of humility, trust, silence and altruism.

Statements of Intent

Chauran offers specific advice on how to develop compassion.

She advises that clear statements or contracts should be created in order to clearly determine the boundaries within which you work empathetically.

The main ones that she advocates are the establishment of ethical and personal values with direct redress to the law of karma which always over-sees all of our actions.

Yes, at its heart, the expression of compassion for others and the world that we inhabit is infinitely more complex than one might initially imagine.

Our Review of ‘Compassion is the Key to Everything’ by Alexandra Chauran

Today, with the dramatic decline in the teaching of traditional religious doctrine here in the Western World, many people are turning to spirituality and the New Age movement in general as a way of discovering a more contemporary form of morality.

It is not that people have no inherent moral compass because they do. It is just that sometimes a challenge to know exactly how to act in any given situation and without those old traditional values to call upon.

Whilst Alexandra Chauran’s book is effectively dedicated to a simple human quality, it does embrace a wide spectrum of closely associated ethical principles.

Whilst it is not written with reference to any particular religious or spiritual creed, it does call upon Eastern values that can be found within Hinduism and Buddhism. This is, of course, no bad thing. Western civilization has in fact been nearly totally morally bankrupt for some time.

There is no bible bashing, pulpit style of preaching here but the guidance that Chauran offers in her book is delightfully unequivocal and clear enough to avoid any misinterpretation.

It is also a practical book with many exercises upon which the reader can establish daily routines and regular practice.

In a fluffy world of politically-correct nonsense, this book stands out as a real gem. It is challenging, thought-provoking, warm, non-judgmental and insightful throughout.

It is always a joy to read a new book by Alexandra and this one is no exception. In fact, it is probably her best and most satisfying work so far.