Dark Goddess Craft by Stephanie Woodfield

Dark Goddess Craft by Stephanie Woodfield

Stephanie Woodfield has been a practicing witch for over fourteen years. She is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and the author of several books on various elements of the Craft.

Our last review of her work was of her book Drawing Down the Sun: Rekindle the Magick of the Solar Goddesses which is a well-received account of the magick of the solar goddesses.

In this work, Dark Goddess Craft Woodfield focuses upon an equally important part of Witchcraft but one which is diametrically opposite in polarity to her earlier publication for this time she enters the deep and lightless land ruled by the darker aspects of the Goddess tradition.

Working the Subterranean Side

In the introduction to her book Woodward explains the reason why worshipping the dark goddess is such an empowering aspect to Witchcraft.

She states that, “Working and building a devotion to dark deities can be a rewarding process-and an utterly life changing one. You may cry and scream and rage along the way but you”ll never feel more alive and your life will transform for the better.”

Dark Goddess Craft is divided into three parts. These are titled Descent, Challenge, and Rebirth. Before exploring these in detail the author explains how they form part of a transformative process initiated by the dark goddess, or the Crone.

She explains how dark deities can be engaged with utilizing different techniques such devotional practice or through offerings. However she recognizes at the same time that these are tricky aspects of Witchcraft practice so includes a variety of methodologies for warding off negative forces and for protecting yourself whilst performing this form of magick.

On a bad day she recommends the application of that most accredited Witchy technique of all – namely throwing a curse or two.


Let’s be frank here. Modern Witchcraft is so safe, so clean and accessible that you could not even get yourself hung or burned to death for practicing it even during the darkest times of the mediaeval Witchcraft inquisition.

In Stephanie Woodfield’s Dark Goddess Craft we have at last a modern grimoire so deliciously dark that it will need to be hidden away out of sight when your in-laws visit.

Working with the energies of the dark deities is not, it has to be said, for the weak of heart; nor is it suitable for the merely inquisitive. Woodward recognizes this fact and presents the subject in a way that honestly reflects the nature of its power as well as the inherent pitfalls that can trap the unwary. 

Packed with grounded advice, invaluable practical insights, and operational procedures Dark Goddess Craft is a well-rounded manual of magickal instruction. It follows a logical progression and covers most eventualities that might be experience by the practicioneer along the way.

Whilst the subject matter contained in this book might not be to every worker of the Ancient Way it is a very modern yet authentic introduction to a sorely ignored aspect to contemporary magickal practice. 

In fact, I personally found Dark Goddess Craft to be an utterly beguiling and totally engrossing publication. My only criticism of it as a book is that it has not been produced as a leather-bound edition, formed from old parchment, and printed from ink made from bats blood. Now that really would be a possession getting burnt at the stake for!

Dark Goddess Craft is an essential read for all devotees of the Pagan arts. It is a vital wake-up call to all magickians to recognize the fact that the power of the ancient Goddess deities is on the ascendency and that we are charged with the task of working with it in a way that empowers and transforms humanity as a whole. A highly significant work.