Deeper Dating by Ken Page

Deeper Dating by Ken Page

Love, the desire to experience a deep connection with our friends and romantic partners, is a powerful, motivator in everyone’s lives. Sometimes though, in the rush and confusion of trying to find a suitable partner, we resort to expressing our extrovert or egoic nature in an attempt to impress a potential mate.

This approach to dating might serve to create a certain impression of ourselves on first meeting but it leads to confusion and misunderstanding about our motives later on.

Ken Page, author of Deeper Dating, believes that the modern approach to dating—where we change ourselves externally to attract a mate—is both ineffectual and damaging.

Page recommends a different approach.

He suggests that the actual key to attaining your heart’s desire is to identify and strengthen what he refers to as your ‘Core Gifts’.

Page states that these can be defined as those inner features of your psyche that are the most sensitive when responding to life.

They can express themselves through any of the life experiences that inspire you the most or which touch you the most deeply. They include all strong emotional responses and even those things that you hate.

Page suggests that we need to develop these core resonances before stepping out into the world of love and emotional bonding.

To help you develop these skills, Page created ‘The Deeper Dating Course’. This is comprised of four stages of personal development, each one comprised of two to four separate lessons.

In the first stage of the course, you are taught how to recognize your Core Gifts and how to understand how these features of your true nature have shaped your romantic experiences. They also have the ability to show you how they can lead you toward experiencing the kind of deeper love we all yearn for.

In stage two, you are introduced to the need to distinguish between those attractions that are most likely to lead you toward everlasting love and those that will invariably steer you toward expressing old or painful relationship patterns.

In stage three, you are taught the actual skills that are associated with Deeper Dating.

This includes learning how to bring the unique aspects drawn from your authentic self into a real life situation. This could be whilst dating online, at parties, at speed-dating events or during the course of daily life.

Finally, in stage four, the author reveals how to build your growing internal sexual, romantic and emotional intimacy and to express these qualities into new and healthier relationships.

While you can work on the course in a purely solitary basis, the author recommends trying to follow it with someone who you can trust to keep all the personal information that you share with them completely secret.

Each chapter of the book includes a workbook section with practical exercises that can help bring your dating and relationship ideas to life. To aid this process, the author recommends that you keep a journal as a way of  tracking your progress along the road to true love.

A journal also offers you the opportunity to record your mission statement—a written contract that is made with yourself that outlines both your romantic and personal expectations that you have about the sort of love that you wish to engage with.

The book closes with a section on useful sources and a full index of contents.


Very few places that exist within the darkness of human experience are quite so emotionally challenging as those which we experience during times of utter loneliness and a deep sense of separation from human contact.

For many people, these feelings of despair are compounded during those times when they are actively seeking love and companionship. The result is that, for one reason or another, the connections fail leaving us to experience an inmate drop in self-value which magnifies any sense of worthlessness.

If you have ever found yourself in this situation, I can guarantee that Deeper Dating will go a long way toward helping you to heal your emotional pains.

That this excellent and insightful publication is much more than just a light-hearted appraisal of how to win over the hearts and minds of the opposite sex.

With a consistently high quality of good, clear and deeply insightful advice, Ken Page guides you toward a more meaningful embrace of who you are and a more authentic meaning of your place in this World.

In this regard, it is an extremely loving, supportive and nurturing publication that, quite frankly, rather astounded me in its portray of the inherent beauty of human relationships and the potential that we all have regarding the quality of love that we can express.

The book is written in a beautiful style. The many personal anecdotal accounts included add significantly to its sense of intimate connection between author and reader.

The exercises are well thought out and I have a strong feeling that, through their regular practice, you have the opportunity to gain a glimpse of the inherent beauty that resides within us all and which if openly expressed can add dramatically to the quality of our emotional lives.

Deeper Dating is an indispensable guide to teaching you how to unlock the true human value that is love. This is a solid-gold gem of a publication and one not to be missed irrespective of your current relationship status!’