Deeply Holistic by Pip Waller

Deeply Holistic by Pip Waller

A wide chasm separates modern medical practice from the central tenets of alternative healthcare. In the former methodology drugs are administered to the body at the point of illness. In the latter, preventative action is taken long before health issues arise.

In her book Deeply Holistic: A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care–Know Your Body, Live Consciously, and Nurture Your Spirit experienced medical herbalist and plant spirit medicine healer Pip Walker reveals the world of holistic/natural self-care but within a content of its relationship to anatomy and physiology.

Subtle Fields

Waller explains how the central philosophy behind the alternative health movement is based upon a working knowledge of the personal energetic bio-field – a vitally important etheric system that regulates essential organs and ensures optimum health.

She describes the function of her book as being, “intended for lay-people who appreciate the holistic or natural approach and wish to gain an overview of a pragmatic and straightforward mind-body-spirit approach to looking after themselves.”

Saying Hello to Ourselves

The first part of Deeply Holistic requires that we become more aware of the physical part to ourselves as well of our emotions, the existence of our spiritual selves, and our basic practical needs.

The author examines these basics of good healthcare before moving in to the more specific areas; including the importance of the skin in acting as the first level of good health. For this the author recommends a number of natural treatments to keep the skin in optimum health.

Also under consideration is the skeletal system, including the spine and bone joints; the muscular system, the lymphatic drainage system, and the immune system.

Powering all of these primary operating mechanics is that most important fuel of all; namely fresh air drawn into the system most effectively through the application of proper breathing. An equally important form of fuel is food and the way our body processes it into life-affirming energy.

Following chapters of Deeply Holistic then explore the function of the liver, kidneys, bladder before investigating the nervous system.

The Senses

After the roundup of the primary actions of the physical body Waller then moves on to the way that we interact with our environment through the five senses. She examines the role that each one plays in our overall understanding of reality and our delicate placement within it.

Deeply Holistic closes with a look at negating the effects of the aging process. Here Waller considers the difficulties of coming to terms with the way that our bodies naturally decay bringing with it a lessening in physical mobility and sensory impairment.


Deeply Holistic is a satisfying encapsulation of natural health principles. Each subject area, or topic, in the book includes not just an exposition of its function but also some solid hints and tips, exercises, observations and even food/drink recipes: all of which the reader can apply to maintain their body in top health.

For this reason Deeply Holistic remains, throughout its pages, a fascinating and thoroughly absorbing read.

The basics healing principles and practices on offer here are forged around Eastern Ayurveda practices. In doing so they draw upon ancient tried and tested practices. However, it should be noted that this is a thoroughly contemporary work – one in which its author calls upon modern medical research as well as recent scientific findings that support the alternative medical approach.

If you are looking for a radical approach to personal healthcare – one that avoids the ravages of allopathic medicine then look no further for Deeply Holistic is a book that covers all the bases and then some more. I would urge you to buy it, read it, and apply its wisdom. You will be forever grateful to yourself for taking that important step into the empowering and life-enhancing world of preventative medicine.