Discover Your Authentic Self by Sherrie Dillard

Discover Your Authentic Self by Sherrie Dillard

Who are you? Are you a living your life as a fully conscious being aware of every aspect of your true divine nature or are you little more than a train making its way along pre-defined tracks to an unknown destination?

In order to survive in this world we all need to compromise our true ourselves to some degree by offering up only a small part of ourselves to society and even then in a way that keeps everybody feeling comfortable.

For most of us this process occasionally becomes too demanding and we feel like screaming out from a level deep within ourselves that we know we are more, much more, than anyone understands or ever gives us credit for.

Your True Being

Sherrie Dillard has been a professional, psychic, medium and teacher for over twenty-five years. She has led workshops and classes on spiritual development as well as appeared on radio and TV.

In her book Discover Your Authentic Self she seeks to unravel the numerous layers of psychological and emotional armor that separates us from the core of our true being. She explains how the sudden and painful realisation that we have, for seemingly proper reasons, given away so much of ourselves – a fact that can come as a shock to many.

Depending upon how disconnected we feel from our inner being the journey back towards a state of authenticity can be both long and hard but clearly the path is so much easier if it is laid down by others who have made the journey themselves.

So in Discover Your Authentic Self the author offers a clearer set of directions to self-awareness by including 150 short articles each of which explores a specific facet to the process of self re-engagement.

This is not, however, a process for the faint-hearted though; for as Dillard observes; ”The door to self , I have discovered, leads to a deep, open, and vast expanse, a step into nothingness that is cushioned with the odd comfort of freedom.”

Breaking Free

For Dillard the unfolding of the authentic self is one of liberation. She feels that the jail that most of us are stuck in may well be as a result of our society’s relentless pressure for conformity but the author firmly believes that if we search long enough, and hard enough; with concerted effort and deep desire to evolve, we can find the important keys within ourselves that can unlock the door to our whole being.

Once again the author cuts straight to the heart of the matter when she states that “Not being true to who we are is like living with a tight cord wrapped around our heart.”

And who of us can say that we do not know what that feels like?

Our Review of The Authentic Self by Sherrie Dillard

Honesty and personal integrity is such a declining principle in today’s world of fake imagery, twisted ethics and false paradigms. Discover Your Authentic Self seeks to set a lot of this straight by openly challengingly us to face up to the lies. It forces us to strip ourselves emotionally and psychologically naked and then to integrate back into our conscious selves all that which has been previously suppressed or denied.

In a sense this approach to self-development is fairly typical shadow work fare but there is something uniquely different about this book; something that sets it apart from so many other publications of its type.

What exactly this is I do not know. It might be in part due to its structure, its presentation, its author’s entrancing style of writing or even the non-partisan approach that it takes towards all aspects of spirituality.

What I can say is that the results speak for themselves and that in her book Dillard offers a magnificent exposé of the journey back to total personal self-awareness.

It is also a book that weaves through so many aspects of contemporary spiritual philosophy. In doing so it avoids getting bogged down in jargon or resorting to New Age psychobabble to make its points.

Maybe the book’s uniqueness can be found within its powerful re-inforcement of  the self.  Indeed, I found its commentary to be wholly supportive of the principle of self-interest, completely non-apologetic for promoting the needs of the individual, and totally celebratory of the magnificence of the human spirit.

Discover Your Authentic Self  is a shining portrayal of everything that can be both so challenging and exciting about 21st century spirituality. Books of this spiritual stature only come along every now and again but when they do you find their wisdom lasting a whole lifetime.