The Fiery Heart: Discovering the Source of Divine Wisdom (The Teaching of the Heart) (Book 6) by Zinovia Dushkova

The Fiery Heart: Discovering the Source of Divine Wisdom (The Teaching of the Heart) (Book 6) by Zinovia Dushkova

As a primary spiritual organ of the human subtle body, the human heart plays a vital role in our psychospirtual development – guard it well!

This insight forms the basis to the opening of The Teaching of the Heart: Discovering the Source Of Divine Wisdom – the sixth commentary in the The Teaching of the Heart Series by Zinovia Dushkova. In it she states that caring for the well-being of this vital organ is of primary importance in the work of any initiate.

She states “It is extremely necessary to safeguard the heart from everything that burdens it with excess weight. The light-bearing tissue grows stronger only through immersion in joyful currents.”

The heart is, therefore the focal centre for our life experience and she advises that, “By protecting your heart, you multiply the Light of this World.”

The Future

In her book Dushkova advises us that the heart centre will become the primary conduit through which humanity shifts into a new level of consciousness. The transformative energy that radiates from the heart is so effective in helping to bring this transformation about that we are advised that “it can “adorn our lives with heroic deeds and a fairytale existence”. Additionally, the degree to which our hearts radiates light determines the rung that initiates occupy on the Hierarchal Ladder.

Thus Dushkova extols us to strive towards living increasingly in harmony with our own heart vibration – thereby creating what the author refers to as “Rungs of Ascension”.

Source of Teachings

The messages of divine revelation that Dushkova offers to the World, drawn from her interaction with the Divine Teachers, are the result of almost twenty-five years of study and acquisition of secret esoteric wisdom. This has resulted in the publication of approximately forty works by her on various aspects of the spiritual sciences.

Most of these are forged from a synthesis of science, religion, history, and philosophy and although they are predominantly recognized as socially transformative texts in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan the messages they contain are universal and equally significant to her many followers here in the West.

However, all of this talk of regionality is somewhat inconsequential given that the future, as envisioned by the ‘Voice’ within the author, is one of an upcoming spiritual transformation – one that will ripple through every society and community in the world. Those, it is said, who will be best able to cope with these dramatic changes will be the spiritually acclimatized individuals who have found that Divine Spark – one that can be found residing deep within the heart of everyone of us.

Dushkova highlights the ability we have to protect ourselves from the coming challenges and changes in the following way.

“Look at your heart as a small ashram and expand its boundaries within your home, and then bestow the currents of purity upon all who approach it and your small ashram will be able to reflect within itself the respondent magnificence of the Flaming Stronghold.”


The sixth book in The Teaching of the Heart Series draws attention specifically upon the purpose of the human heart centre in operating as a tool of personal and universal transformation. The terminology used throughout this, and the other titles in this series, will be a challenge for newcomers to grasp but this matters little for, after just a few pages, one quickly learns to attune to the wisdom inherent within this work rather than become focused on the specific meaning of the words. One might perhaps make the analogy to that of the sound of a piece of music being performed as being more melodious than the notes from which it is comprised.

Previous reviews of Dushkova”s works by Spirituality Today have all been favorable but in this one exciting esoteric depths emerge that elevate the spirit to new heights. The phrasing of the words and the rhythms of the sentences have resulted in a work that transcends the usual run of the mill spiritual diatribe and offers its readers a genuinely uplifting and thoroughly energizing experience.