Luminous Life by Jacob Israel Liberman

Luminous Life by Jacob Israel Liberman

Natural daylight is something that we all take for granted. In fact we are so used to engaging with light that we often fail to recognize the importance it plays in enabling us to perceive reality and the world that exists all around us.

Someone who has dug further into its mysteries than most is Dr Jacob Israel Liberman. Dr Liberman is a pioneer in the realm of research into the connection between light and human consciousness and in his book Luminous Life he expresses his personal belief that “Light is more than waves and particles.” In fact, he argues that, “It is a purveyor of consciousness. Light is not just “out there,” something we need to find in order to see.”

Liberman’s researches have also led him to believe that. “Light seeks us out and guides us in the same way it seeks out and directs a plant to grow towards it. There is something inherently alive in it.”

A Unified Approach

Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living explores the connection between light, vision, and consciousness and demonstrates how these principles impact upon our ability to sense a state of presence.

When describing his book Liberman states that he sees it as forming a point of meeting of. ”science and spirituality, quantum physics and mysticism, and neuroscience and Eastern philosophy.” He also strongly believes that rather than forcing ourselves into a state of presence we actually need to respond to light’s invitation to experience full awareness.

Indeed, the function of light seems to be intrinsically bound to both the spiritual and physical wellbeing of all of us. On a physical level it provides tremendous life-enhancing benefits by charging us up energetically – even to the extent that certain individuals are capable of living off Light alone.

At a more profound level Liberman considers the effect of love, the human heart, passion, and the effect light plays in regulating each of these functions. He believes that ultimately through proper alignment to the wisdom or consciousness inherent within light we can evolve into a point of discovering the genius that resides within us all.

Practical Work

In order to encourage this process of awakening to the influence of light Luminous Life features numerous practical exercises. These include disciplines for regulating the breathe; for using meditation, Chakra work, color visualizations, and training the eyes to reduce their reliance on seeing to more that of observing what the light both with and outside of ourselves is trying to teach us


I have to say that two books that have left a lasting impression upon me over the years – titles which have been instrumental in causing me to re-examine accepted belief systems have been Take off your Glasses and See and Light: Medicine Of the Future – both of which were written by Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman. Thus I approached Luminous Life with no small amount of excitement and expectation. I was not disappointed for the author has, in this latest publication, produced an outstanding work – one that once again will cause many readers to readjust the way in which they perceive the form and function of light along with its influence as a spiritual power.

Overall the work done by Dr Liberman into the field of sight and consciousness has been remarkable. In Luminous Life he has brought these together into a unified philosophy. Whilst visual difficulties are perceived of by many as physical malfunctions Liberman goes beyond this limiting concept and through his own healing methodologies he fuses ancient mystical wisdom with cutting-edge research to produce a formula for perception from which every single one of us can benefit.

Luminous Life is a work of major importance.