Make Peace With Your Mind by Mark Coleman

Make Peace With Your Mind by Mark Coleman

How many times a day do you openly criticise yourself for one perceived misdemeanour or another?

We in the spiritual community with our self-imposed emphasis upon self-improvement are probably more aware than most of our own personal failings. As a result we tend to be more sensitive of those times when we fail to come up to our expectations of ourselves and are more critical of them.

According to senior meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre we are all suffering from a worldwide epidemic of self-criticism. Sometimes this habit of self-negation can cripple us both emotionally and mentally and to such a degree that we lose that essential connection to our true inner selves.

Freedom Through Compassion

In his book Make Peace With Your Mind Coleman offers his readers a step by step plan for regaining a more empowering sense of perspective on who we really are and could become.

Make Peace With Your Mind is comprised of five parts or sections. These begin with an appraisal of the psychological terrain that we inhabit and in which the self-critic thrives.

Through a succession of direct evaluations of how self-criticism influences your life Coleman then draws into the light many of the hidden or subconscious mechanisms that serve to confuse, undermine and denigrate our own sense of self-worth.

Over time the book unfolds a new and more enriched perspective on the human spirit. This is a process that gently guides the evader from a condition of mental haranguing of oneself into a calmer state of self-love, tolerance and appreciation of our own net worth.

Whilst it may require some work and effort to completely eradicate the dark demon of judgmentalism within your own psyche Coleman accepts this and concludes his book by highlighting the immense benefits that he has seen within those students that have confronted the darkness and whom he has trained to face their inner demons.

These improvements include such traits as; a more loving sense of kindness, deeper compassion, a greater sense of humour and most importantly an inner condition of freedom through which we can all once again find ourselves emerging renewed from the fog of self-negation.

Our Review of Make Peace With Your Mind by Mark Coleman

The process of self-development that we embrace through our spiritual work can so easily become unravelled and pointless if we fail to address our critical bias.

Make Peace With Your Mind highlights this with helpful advice, strong practical exercises and impactful anecdotal accounts.

It is a book which manages to be critical of a personality trait or deficiency without your realising that you are being criticised for having it in the first place. Not an easy thing to do but the author manages to take the reader under his wing and to tease out into the light of day the demon of self-negation.

Thus this is a book that both transforms and heals as it progresses and for this it stands out above many self-help publications on a similar topic.

In Make Peace With Your Mind, Mark Coleman generates a strong weapon against those forces that would rather see us fail than succeed in this life and for that is a publication not to be missed.