Money, Manifestation and Miracles by Meriflor Toneattpo

Money, Manifestation and Miracles by Meriflor Toneatto

Money, as a system of leverage and exchange, is not just an indifferent bargaining tool. It also displays more human qualities for at its heart it is imbued with our sense of self-worth.

Money also determines our levels of self-confidence as well as establishing our set-point for safety and security. In short, money plays a decisive role in not only determining our level of material well-being but also quantifies success at every emotional and psychological level.

In her book Money, Manifestation and Miracles professional coach, speaker, and entrepreneur Meriflor Toneatto sums up the human connection to money in the following way. “If your relationship with money is left unexamined, you can stay stuck, experiencing a cycle of money drama that acts as a barrier to realizing your potential in life.”

Personal Journey

In Money, Manifestation and Miracles Toneatto describes her own journey with money – one which took her from being a young single mother living from one paycheck to the next, to becoming an award-winning corporate executive and entrepreneur.

Her book, which is aimed at offering advice about money specifically to women, is the author’s accumulated wisdom and practical experiences derived from more than twenty-five years of applying specific principles for wealth creation.

Money Methods

Money, Manifestation and Miracles is centered around what the author has termed the Eight Holistic Principles. She catalogs each one in detail along with some helpful Q and As, exercises in confronting the issues raised at every level, affirming statements, practical tips and a summery of each principle’s key points. In addition the author also includes links to additional material that can be downloaded from her website.

Whilst her Wealth Creation System is comprehensive and challenging the author sums up her understanding of the function of money in the following way. “I cannot overstate the importance of being in alignment with who you are and everything you do. When you are in alignment, everything flows; life feels easy; and opportunities, including people, money, and resources, will show up on your doorstep to help you achieve your goals”


If you have ever thought that the dynamic of money is laced with mystery then this is a book that also demonstrates that it is also somewhat mystical.

This quality to money is deeply fascinating and Toneatto has written an equally stimulating account of the various psycho-spiritual elements to wealth creation.

Whilst the book is primarily pitched at the unique relationship that exists between women and money it also contains some solid principles regarding wealth that are equally applicable to anyone who expresses the feminine aspect of themselves.

What is most endearing about this work is the author’s attitude towards money as a gift from the Divine and also sees it as a practical tool for daily living. In this regard the male tendency towards hoarding money as units of external power do not feature here. Instead money is seen to be indivisible from the flow of life experience that we all express.

Money, Manifestation and Miracles is an empowering work. It is one that instills a very real sense of confidence in its reader – one that explains how conditions of poverty and restriction run counter to spiritual laws. More specifically they also chain women into expecting less of themselves and for their own life experiences. In this regard Money, Manifestation and Miracles is a genuinely liberating read.