No Greater Love by Mother Teresa

No Greater Love by Mother Teresa

Very few people who were alive some thirty years ago can fail to recall the televised images of Mother Teresa weaving her way through crowds of poor, impoverished and downtrodden third world people in such a powerful, reverential and statesmanlike manner.

Both back in the day and even today her Christian healing work has become so iconic that her name has entered common English language usage as a way of recognising the love and goodness at the heart of all remarkable and loving human beings.

A Life of Devotion

Mother Teresa was born in Macedonia in 1910 and was best known for working alongside the poor of Calcutta, India and then later on for founding her Missionaries of Charity order in 1950. This is still in existence today and acts as a support system for the destitute in society with over 400,000 helpers in 500 centres across the world.

Mother Teresa also received many of the world’s most prestigious humanitarian awards for her work. These included the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Albert Schweitzer International Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize.

No Greater Love is an encapsulation of the essential wisdom and teachings of Mother Teresa. It features her commentaries on love, prayer, giving, service, poverty and forgiveness as well as her interpretation of Jesus and Christianity.

The book also includes a transcript of an interview with her in which she answers basic questions regarding her thoughts on her pastoral work, her commercial ventures as well as her personal life and dedication to the well-being of the poor.

However, her personal philosophy is summed in her simple observance regarding her specific role in life: “Give of your hands to serve and your heart to love.”

Our Review of No Greater Love by Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa represented two important facets to human existence-that being of the belief in the power of love and the importance of subjugating oneself to a higher power.

Both of these principles emerge as central tenets throughout the pages of this publication – all of which contain reflections that are delightful, moving and powerful.

However the single most memorable element that I shall take away from reading this book and will forever associate with its content and author is its core principle of authenticity.

Here is a person who engaged with the very core teachings of Christianity and lived by their values in ways that put so many pious members of the traditional church to shame. Her message is simple and is one that avoids so much of the theological nonsense that emerges from the priestly classes.

As a testament to her life and her commitment to helping to alleviate the hardship of others this rather beautifully and respectfully publications is an abject lesson to all of us to find a little humility and love from within ourselves for with it we too can achieve great things.