On the Verge by Cara Bradley

On the Verge by Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley is a former professional skater and mental strength coach. She is also the founder of Verge Yoga and hosts the popular podcast Real Women, Courageous Wisdom.

As a professional athlete, Bradley experienced a supreme state of motivation which she describes as “high-definition, high-voltage living” or, as she personally describes it, “living on the verge”.

In her book of the same name, she states that “The verge, by nature, is fleeting and elusive. You can!t hold on to it, and you can,t search for it. You simply need to show up on the verge – on the threshold between a moment ago and a moment from now.”

An Experienced Life

On the Verge is based upon the author’s own direct experience of the sense of feeling fully-awake and of experiencing the sense of freedom attained through an uncluttered mind.

Bradley’s teachings have been drawn from over thirty-five years teaching fitness and yoga to thousands of people. Her book focuses upon practices and strategies that she has developed as a way of moving into that enhanced state created by living on the verge.

Bradley introduces very early on what she refers to as Primer Exercises – which are not only detailed in her book but which can be accessed in audio format via her Verge Mobile App – more details of which are available from her website www.carabradley.net.

Change of Focus

One of the initial shifts in focus that the author advises requires a shift from the mind to the body. This requires a specific and deliberate change in the reader from thinking to that of feeling connected to one’s inner sense of self.

By slipping into the space between your thoughts you attain a deeper sense of clarity – one in which you experience the world in clearer definition.

Later on in her book Bradley expands upon the principles involved in maintaining that condition of clarity and balance in one’s life. This optimum experience she refers to as “being in sync” – a condition that she describes as “…your direct experience of this moment from a clear mind, bright body, and open heart.”

One of the specific techniques that she advocates is to find a condition of external peace as well as that of inner silence.

As Bradley states, “Peace is found in Simplicity.” and that ” Peace emerges when you shift beyond your busy mind. It arises from space, simplicity, stillness, silence, and rhythm. It feels like coming home”

Our Review of ‘On the Verge’ by Cara Bradley

On the Verge is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a shy or retiring book. It is very much like the strong egos of highly-competitive sportsmen and women: up there and in your face.

Sadly, on occasions throughout this book, this high-powered approach to teaching is irritating and often revolves around qualities of self-absorption – another trait often associated with athletic types.

Nevertheless if you enjoy the somewhat evangelical approach to self-development preferred by motivational experts such as Tony Robbins then you will enjoy Cara Bradley’s approach to self-development as up-lifting and energizing.

As for the book’s actual content it is, in the main, fairly standard fare relying heavily upon Eastern practices such as mindfulness, meditation, contemplation and self-evaluation.

For newcomers who are new to the whole subject of self-development work this is a book that lays it all out in a clear and engaging way. It takes the reader upon a journey away from the banal distractions of modern life and lifts them onto a higher point of perception regarding their potential as human beings. It is also a book that guides and advises on how to deal with some of the minutiae of life. A helpful process for anyone who feels lost in their life and not sure how to move it on.

For those readers who more advanced in core self-development principles, ‘On The Verg‘ is not a book that will spring any surprises on you and which you may well find to be rather simplistic and condescending in places.