Raindrops of Love for A Thirsty World by Eileen Workman

Raindrops of Love for A Thirsty World by Eileen Workman

LIFE is either something that happens to you or is something that flows through you. How you choose to determine your destiny or otherwise simply respond to what external circumstances throws at you is largely determined by the degree to which you accept that all-important principle of self-love.

Assuming that you choose to become a channel for LIFE then what exactly are the means, the methods and the motivations that stream forth from the centre of all things?

In her book Raindrops of Love author Eileen Workman steps back and allows the principle of LIFE to reveal the myriad of differing channels through which it expresses itself and most specifically via the human experience.

From Dew to Downpour

In Raindrops of Love Workman categorises the differing dynamics of LIFE into four specific parts.

These comprise:

  1. Soft Love: This is formed around the principle of The Wonder of Self-Realization
  2. Tough Love: This refers to The Challenge of Self-Discipline
  3. Self-Love: This reflects upon The Responsibility of Self-Actualization
  4. Life-Love: This presents the challenge associated with The Freedom of Self-Mastery.

Each section allows for the expression of the spiritual wisdom of LIFE through a variety of sub-divisions.

These range from an opening invitation to engage in communion with LIFE through to the need to honor one’s own worth, to accept is seductive invitation to become its lover, and to accept the power of change. This establishes the gradual transition from knowledge to wisdom and onwards through the important process of forgiving destructive forces such as cynicism.

Each one of these personal traits are, in their own way, delicate expressions of LIFE – a principle that governs who we are, what we should be, and what we might yet still become.

And of the purpose behind life according to LIFE?

The answer to this is clear and unequivocal and focuses squarely upon the need to live with a total embrace of personal honesty, openness, and wholesome integrity — for these all open the channels to love and LIFE and which in turn delicately oils the wheels of self-actualization.

To quote LIFE itself: “Shine the light of truth on who you are, and you will become transparent to yourself. Your inner light will then flow through you and illuminate the living field that surrounds you.”

It is at that point that you come to truly know that you are, at last, living LIFE.

Our Review of Raindrops of Love by Eileen Workman

If you want to discover the true essence behind the human experience but don’t like reading books about spiritual philosophy then here’s a title worthy of your attention.

Written in a style that is not traditional, by an author who does not take direct credit for their writing, and structured in a way that follows no specific pattern, this is publication of channeled messages from the principle of LIFE that is quirky and eclectic but at the same time engaging and beguiling.

However, it is not, I will readily admit, a book that will find favour with any reader who is out of step with its rhythms; for this is a publication with a narrative that dances and sings as it skips from one guiding principle to another.

Raindrops of Love is a mental and emotional challenge but the spiritual rewards on offer here justify any effort on the part of its reader to open up and engage with its guiding principle; namely LIFE.

With flashes of inspiration peppered with periods of grandiose pontification there is rarely a dull moment from one page to the next. Those occasional periods of drought that do appear from time to time within its pages are actually often found upon subsequent analysis to hold the potential for the largest number of raindrops; so in reading, or absorbing, the wisdom within this book you can never really tell if what’s on offer is quite the way it at first seems. Sounds a bit like life itself really!

Raindrops of Love is highly recommended to anyone with an open mind and opening heart.

LIFE can then do the rest.