Start Right Where You Are by Sam Bennett

Start Right Where You Are by Sam Bennett

Even when you know and understand the personal journey that lies before you in life the actual act of trying to get from where you currently are to where you want to be fraught with problems and challenges.

In fact, the busier we become in our daily life more difficulties appear to be thrown up in front of us – issues that twart our every move and which try to deflect us from our path.

What if there was only someone that we can call upon at such times, someone who could at least help guide and steer us through uneven terrain and who can help us to navigate the way forward.

A Guiding Hand

Sam Bennett is someone who understands a little of what is required to turn a life full of chaos and confusion into an altogether more harmonious experience.

In her book Start Right Where You Are she explains how her life in 1998 as a miserable, broke, depressed, exhausted actor revolved around poorly-paid jobs and intensive work projects that took more life and energy from her than they created.

Rolling forward to today she reflects upon her current more joyous existence and infinitely more creatively satisfying life – one that brings her a renewed sense of optimism about her future.

In her book Bennett details the specific steps or actions that she took when turning her life around.

Through sixty-five lessons she helps her reader to come to terms with the most common trials, tribulations, and challenges that you are likely to encounter whilst shifting yourself into a different and more profitable level of consciousness.

With problems ranging from the need to delegate tasks and confronting procrastination through to making more supportive social connections the author breaks down the barriers to success that exist both within ourselves and which are often presented by others.

Finally, with a stronger hand on the tiller you can hope that, despite all of the odds, your life morphs, as hers did, into a more manageable and controllable experience.

Our Review of Start Right Where You Are by Sam Bennett

Some time ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Sam Bannett’s 2014 book Get it Done – a publication which I rated highly and enjoyed immeasurably.

Thus I looked forward to this title with a heightened sense of hope and expectation that the author would again deliver as uplifting and energising book as her earlier one.

I am so pleased to be able to report that this is in fact the case and that Bennett has written another high-quality, information-packed and practical guide to personal success.

Like its predecessor this book is tinged with that same flavour of practical business sense which I enjoy and it is for this reason that it is quite a long way from being a run of the mill self-development title.

In fact this is a book for anyone and everyone who have something to do and somewhere to go and for those who are in no mood to hang around. Time is of the essence here and this sense of immediacy is reflected throughout the book which zips along with a real sense of purpose and ambition.

With a down-to-earth and practical approach to what may at first appear as major obstacles her writing inspires confidence and generates a great sense of optimism that the job can, despite all the odds, get done.