Succulent Wild Love by SARK and Dr. John Waddell

Succulent Wild Love by SARK and Dr. John Waddell

Finding true love and the accompanying desire for a strong emotion bond with a loving and committed partner are probably two of the most powerful motivating principles that we experience in our lives.

In their book ‘Succulent Wild Love’ SARK and John Waddell ask where there an ideal form of relationship – one that suits the requirements of both partners and which acts as a foundation for the continuing growth of love and emotional happiness of all?

In their book the authors identify six specific habits or tendencies that lovers who have managed to find and celebrate that form of deep intimacy commonly experience.

These range from being aware of, and listening to, their own relationship mentor – an inner voice that speaks to them from deep within themselves regrading matters of the heart, through to recognizing the effect of their inner critics, the need to respect their partner’s personal boundaries through to seeing the perfection that resides within their lovers.

Range of Relationships

The book explores a wide range of different types of relationships – from Individuals looking for a relationship with a Soulmate as well as others who do not want that type of close engagement, couples who decide not to share the same sleeping arrangements as well as those who want to remain single but wish to have a close emotional connection to themselves.

Of all the different types of relationships that we can have the authors reveal that the closest, as well as deepest and longest-lasting, relationship that we are ever likely to experience is the one that we have with our Inner Wise Self.

Making, nurturing and respecting this form of connection to one’s self is something that the authors believe to …be the source of your ability to love yourself.

In those circumstances where people fail to develop this relationship they will invariably look to their partners to supply the personal qualities they wish they could express themselves.

How Inner Love Communicates

The authors remind us that Your Wise Self will speak to you in ways that are customized just for you.

In the case of SARK this form of communication has expressed itself through books, movies, via other people and from within the heart of nature but for a personalized approach the authors have included specific questions and answer routines designed to help you to activate and empower your Inner Wise Self.

Feelings Are Things

Feelings are an aspect of our natures that we tend to inwardly suppress. Few of us take the time and trouble to understand them on a daily basis.

In ‘Succulent Wild Love’ the authors suggest that this can be a self- limiting approach to understanding ourselves and that instead, when you take the time to care for your feelings, you can more effectively communicate what you want in ways others can hear.

Compromise and Cooperation

Among the many unique terms employed by the authors in the book is that of ‘Joyful Solutions’ – a way of integrating a higher degree of appreciation of those issues that exist between partners and how they can be resolved in a way that accommodates all needs.

As strange and contradictory as this may seem the authors advise that the key to attaining this balanced state of equilibrium is initially through individual conflict resolution first.


Where relations between individuals result in emotional friction the result is all too often anger and resentment.

In the section of the book titled ‘Awareness Practice’ the authors offer advice on how you can begin to understand your anger – to move through it and resolve the hurt that may have arisen.

Unconditional Love

To love unconditionally is to strive to seek out the perfection in your partner, to reinforce the positive within them and to celebrate their attainments.

This, according to the authors acts as a real dampener to the process of experiencing a heightened and sustained level of Wild Succulent Love.

Our Review of Succulent Wild Love

Whilst the authors have employed the word wild in their book to describe something unfettered and without restraint in connection to love it could equally be applied to the book itself; which is a fantastic mix of vibrantly colored text, changing font sizes and quaint doodling.

This mixed use of color is dramatic; for it not only adds a sense of styling to the book but it also results in changing both the tempo and emphasis to the guidance being offered.

This sense of high-energy reading is reflected within the narrative – one which includes dramatic accounts of love found and then lost again, of love betrayed and the fight to remain open and loving in the face of the challenges of a broken heart.

It also looks at the personal challenges involved in battling against loneliness and low self-esteem which goes to making it a book of varying shades.

’Succulent Wild Love’ also focuses closely on the love and emotional connection between the two authors themselves as well as their previous romantic ties which, sadly, is where the book fails for as a result it often falls into displaying a somewhat limited and dewy-eyed perception of fairytale romanticism.

Rather strangely, specifically given its title, the book’s complete lack of reference to sex or sexuality in any form is either a good or bad point depending upon your point of view!

So, this is in many ways a strange book – one which will either inspire or irritate you -probably in equal measure at different times. The additional contributions in the book by other writers regarding their own love-lives adds an interesting level of understanding to the fact that love, no matter how deep and secure, is never an easy road.

In short, I am quite sure the ladies will enjoy ‘Succulent Wild Love’ more than the men due to its over-powering focus on idealised, romantic love and regular reflections on the personal love-life of its authors.

For me It really needed a stronger input from John Waddell in order to truly appreciate its subtleties.

Nevertheless, it is a thoroughly entertaining and fun-packed read which makes it a book certainly worth checking out.

Those reaching for the height of emotional experience in their love and close personal relationships will enjoy Wild Succulent Love for its honesty and its downright uplifting tone.