The Art of Connection by Michael Gelb

The Art of Connection by Michael J Gelb

In the opening to his book The Art Of Connevtion the pioneer in the field of creative thinking Michael J Gelb observes that three primary myths exist about leadership. These are that leadership is a function of position, title, or seniority; that it requires charisma and extroversion; and that leaders are born and not made.

Given that this is true what exact qualities are needed to forge, and maintain harmonious, creative and mutually-sustaining relationships within any group environment?

Changing Times

Gelb points out that over the decades the role of corporate managers has changed greatly. Back in the 1970s they were expected to simply manage whilst today their job requires them to be able to interact with people and to “speak like a psychotherapist”.

The Art Of Connection has been written for the next generation of enlightened managers who are specifically looking to enhance their ability to create relationships, who want to rise above the narrow confines of superficial communication, and who wish to help others to discover a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

The method Gelb offers in his book has been forged around seven carefully developed skills with each chapter being dedicated to one and includes illustrative stories, relevant scientific research, and practical exercises.

Exactly what they are you will have to read the book to find out!


This book review is intentionally short and for a specific reason being that I do not wish to give away too much of its content for fear of risking others enjoyment of it.

Having read other books by Michael J Gelb my expectations regarding this publication were already high. However what I did not expect was a book that was as utterly absorbing and fascinating as The Art Of Connection turned out to be.

At its heart the core philosophy that underpins this work is that whilst the author recognises the revolutionary way in which the internet has brought the world together and allowed us to interact with one another on a worldwide basis, as a technology it also presents us with real challenges regarding the way that we actually connect and communicate with one another.

Gelb holds a spiritual perspective on our society by recignizing that everyone is connected not only electronically but also psychospiritually. This means that at the heart of good modern business practice has to reside a dedication to forming and expanding our personal connections.

The Art Of Connection by Michael J Gelb offers an invaluable insight into our rapidly evolving web of social, personal and business interconnections. With some hilarious quotes and fascinating reminiscences the author has produced an exceptional book – for not only those working within the corporate sphere but for anyone who wishes to engage more deeply and authentically with our fellow humans.