The Compassion Revolution by Amy Leigh Mercree

The Compassion Revolution by Amy Leigh Mercree

Amy Leigh Mercree is a medical intuitive, author and wellness coach with a mission. She is someone who has made it her personal intention to introduce a greater level of compassion into society.

The plan that she has formed to achieve this she calls The Compassion Revolution – a thirty-day programme of practical spiritual work which focuses upon the development and expression of a deeper and more empathetic way of living.

Each day of her programme is devoted to a particular range of actions that a reader can take and which initiate a process of living more from the heart.

Compassion For Oneself

Mercree believes that the starting point for the creation of a more empathic world is to be found in the way that we treat ourselves as individuals. This, for many people, is possibly the greatest challenge of all given that so many of us tend to be so judgmental and critical of ourselves and our feelings.

The challenge begins with the decisive intention to send out a new vibration of ourselves into the world. For this Mercree suggests that affirmations are employed – clear and deliberate statements of purpose which engages with our core connection to the wider world.

A More Complex Evaluation

In a World that has become totally transformed by the internet and new technology Mercree considers both its positive and negative aspects in her book, as well as highlighting the way that Social Media has changed the way that we interact with one another. The thirty day regime of self-analysis and emotional readjustment that she recommends takes close consideration of the effect of these social and technological changes within our daily lives.

Her evaluation of these includes the darker side to this technological revolution – one which Mercree associates with the modern epidemic of anxiety and other social aberrations such as cyber-bullying and trolling on social media. These are issues that she addresses simply because they determine the way that we interact with one another; and in the case of ‘selfies’ even with ourselves.

Finally, in the closing of her book, Mercree invites her reader to join with her in taking The Pledge of Compassion. After thirty days of personal self-reflection and readjustment into a more energetically resonant Self this seems the very least you can do to spread a little more peace and love around the world.

Our Review of The Compassion Revolution by Amy Leigh Mercree

On the face of it The Compassion Revolution appears to be the sort of surgery, candy-floss type of New Age publication that promises much but which ultimately fails to deliver – and haven’t we all bought some of those in our time?

Not so here for Amy Leigh Mercree has written a book that picks you up on page one and before you know it you have turned the last page and wondered where the last few hours have gone. Unfortunately though this is not really what the authors intends for it is structured around a chapter per day – work at it and move on, type of workbook. As I found out, in actuality it does not really work out that way for a reader, or not for me anyway, and I found this approach to its material somewhat limiting.

Despite these failings the book is actually very nicely produced. This has resulted in the creation of one of those rare publications where it seems to carry its own powerful vibration. Words have power and even something as seemingly inert as ink on a page can carry a vibration.

Peppered with areas of light and dark, practical and theoretical, The Compassion Revolution is a book of great character and emotional commitment. It carries with it an important message and one is left hoping that the World wakes up enough to hear it. If its author has anything to do with it then I think it will!