The Heart of Wellness by Kavitha ChinnaiyanThe Heart of Wellness by Kavitha Chinnaiyan

The Heart of Wellness by Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Realizing that the traditional Western approach towards health and healing failed to address the core challenges in her patients, cardiologist Kavitha Chinnaiyan turned to Eastern practices for an answer.

Several years later she unified a number of different techniques; including Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedanta into a workable system of healthcare and healing she calls Bliss Rex.

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In her book The Heart Of Wellness, Kavitha Chinnaiyan explains how her system relies upon a fundamental shift in the way that we view who we are along with an approach to healing that avoids the Western concept of needing to fight disease as a way of curing it.

Chinnaiyan explains how in challenging this notion she has come to see that the true path to healing is found in the optimization of ‘the working of the body-mind so that the bliss of our true nature can be revealed.’

Book Structure

The Heart Of Wellness is comprised of two parts. In the first the author investigates the essential difference between the default medical approach and the bliss model. In particular she describes how this can be applied to heart disease.

In the second part of her book the author deals with the Bliss Rx formula in depth.

The system and its associated practices that Chinnaiyan promotes is said to create a series of deep inner or psychological changes. She identifies them as a reduction in stress, a loss of personal victimization, an increased ability to forgive, and the development of compassion. Other shifts in personal characteristics can include enhanced gratitude and acceptance.

From that point the important process of emergence into Bliss can begin and the natural process of the psyche can perform its timeless role of inner healing. This extends itself in an outward direction and can, according to the author, revitalize every element of your life.

As she states in the closing of her book “The path will light itself in such a way that one day, you will turn around and see that your entire life has been a stream of miracles.”


If you have ever studied the close connection that exist between mind and body then the principles outlined in this book will not surprise you greatly. Furthermore if you are also cognizant of the role that Spirit plays in our daily lives along with its ability to determine physical health then this book will not offer a great deal that is new either.

However, if you are in the slightest bit interested in learning how to apply these principles in such a way that revolutionizes the foundations of natural health care then this will be a manual instruction of practical procedures that will fascinate you as much as it did me.

The primary reason why this book stands out is simply because the angle of approach taken by its author originates from a background in orthodox Western medicine . Whilst the book does focus upon cardiology and heart disease this only serves to strengthens the central hypothesis that self-love, and bliss both emanate from our heart Centre.

As a publication about alternative health care this book is a rare instance of how to convey the core principles of Eastern spiritual practices without getting caught up in meaningless New Age jargon. The practices the author offers do not preclude a need to be an expert in any field; nor does the advice given in its pages bog down the narrative in needless commentary. The result is a book that carries its reader along from start to finish in a genuinely fascinating excursion into what we can do to improve our health and wellbeing through compassionate guidance and a sense of love for being alive in a human form.