The Heartspace Portal by Mark L Collins

The Heartspace Portal by Mark L Collins

Mark L Collins (Sriman Das) is a freelance writer and columnist who has written for publications such as Intrepid Magazine, and TAPS Paramagazine. His primary goal in life is to grow, to learn, in a sense of spirit and love – which, incidentally, also happens to underpin the main theme to his book The Heartspace Portal.

Collins is clearly a man thirsty for knowledge and to glean as much insight as he can into life and its spiritual meaning.

He opens his book by highlighting what he has discovered so far in his quest. These constitute the books main themes.

  • The oneness of consciousness
  • A need for Western society to return to a veneration of the Divine feminine
  • Awareness of global transformation
  • Recognition of heart-based consciousness as a key to healing and transformation

A Personal Journey

The author’s journey into spirituality began at a very early age. At just four or five years of age he realised that he was aware of the existence of the inherent metaphysical structure to our world through an ability to perceive the geometric forms that underpins the structure of reality.

The Heartspace Portal is a personal account of the journey that those first initiatory explorations and the subsequent discoveries and insights he had into the nature of the Universal Consciousness – one which has developed considerably since those early years of inner sight. In doing so he essentially draws upon Eastern practices and philosophies around which to weave his spiritual viewpoints.

However, Collins avoids limiting himself solely to an Eastern perspective for he has come to recognise that the core spiritual truths that pervade the heart of so many sacred traditions are the same; plus, as he rightly points out, many of these principles are being discovered within the fields of new physics.

In the section of his book which is titled Realizations, Collins highlights eight simple spiritual ideas or truths which for him capture the essence of his years spent studying spirituality. These are;

  1. Death as a point of expansion
  2. The reality of nothing
  3. The need to balance the God aspect of ourselves with the Goddess
  4. The possibility of divine intervention
  5. Heart-based consciousness as a key to manifesting reality
  6. The oneness of consciousness
  7. Acceptance of the balance of life
  8. Maintaining spiritual sovereignty

He primary focuses these principles through a principle he refers to as Quantum Love – one which is expressed via the centre of the human organism and which he refers to as The Heartspace Portal

He sums up his discoveries the following way.

“It’s time to care and awaken to the idea of bringing divine love into the world via the quantum field. Individually and collectively we can bring heaven to Earth NOW”

The choice is in our hands folks!.

Our Review of The Heartspace Portal by Mark L Collins

Translating ancient spiritual wisdom, explaining modern mystical philosophy, as well as fusing the two together in a coherent way, is not an easy thing to achieve but in The Heartspace Portal Mark L. Collins has presented the point of their fusion superbly well.

The book he has so successfully breathed life into moves along at a fast pace and in doing so draws the reader through numerous philosophical strands in an exciting and engaging way.

This is not a large book by any means but, given the concise way it has been written, it does not need to be in order to get its more salient point over to the reader. Indeed, the succinctness employed throughout is refreshing and invigorating.

Well illustrated and peppered with personal stories this is a book that hits the mark on so many levels. A highly recommended work which many will find both enjoyable and enlightening.