The Magic of Trees by Tess Whitehurst

The Magic of Trees by Tess Whitehurst

Did you know that the Ash tree is an excellent protector of your home, that the linden tree is used to invoke the protection of the Goddess, or that hazel is associated with the planet Mercury?

All this and many more facts and insights are featured in intuitive counsellor Tess Whitehurst’s comprehensive guide to the sacred wisdom and metaphysical properties of trees.

Encyclopaedic Research

In The Magic of Trees Whitehurst catalogs the ancient spiritual wisdom of more than one hundred trees.

Ranging from common varieties such as beech, oak and yew through to lesser-known varieties such as madrone and sumac the book delves into the myths, legends, uses and correspondences of nature’s most impressive and important features.

In her book Whitehurst explains how trees can communicate to us and in doing so impart their spiritual knowledge — should we connect to them and listen carefully enough.

To this end Whitehurst suggests that the best way to receive this wisdom and guidance from a tree is to enter into a state of quiet contemplation with it — much in the same way that you would with a wise friend or spiritual guru.

In her book the author offers effective ways of inter-changing the life-force of any tree that you wish to extract its essential characteristics from but she does strongly suggests that before doing so you offer it some positive energy first.

You can even present it with a small gift or token of your appreciation for its attention to your needs.

Healing by Trees

Trees are commonly recognised for their important role in keeping our natural environment clean. This they do by turning carbon monoxide into oxygen. However at a metaphysical level their contribution to the health of those that call upon them for healing is rather less-known but equally impressive.

Whitehurst explains how, from providing the energy to clear our auras through to healing us at a soul level, trees also provide a range of therapeutic concoctions; such as medicines and foods, aromatherapy oils and homeopathic remedies.

All of this adds to the universal power of our trees and their singularly primary role in magic, medicine and providing mankind with a sense of majestic beauty found in few other areas of our natural world.

Our Review of The Magic of Trees by Tess Whitehurst

A brief look at the massive bibliography at the end of this book reveals something of the huge amount of research that the author has put into this publication.

And the result of all of this work and attention to detail speaks for itself for The Magic of Trees is a highly comprehensive resource aimed at any Wiccan or Pagan who wants to understand the powerful metaphysical qualities of trees at their deepest level.

Complete with rituals, practical projects, and advice on how to use tree-essences in a variety of situations, The Magic of Trees is a most impressive work. It is one that reminds its readers of the sheer interconnectedness of life and the vital role humanity plays in securing its future on this planet.