The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution by Mary DeMocker

The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution by Mary DeMocker

Facing up to the challenges presented by climate change can be foreboding but is clearly something we should not ignore.

In many respects our response to planetary changes will have the greatest impact upon subsequent generations. Rather than shy away from the problems our children will inherit we need to evolve a new approach, a new language, and new paradigm which is meaningful to the younger generation.

Someone who has dedicated her life to reversing the immense damage caused by the business to our natural environment is Mary DeMocker. Mary has written about conscious parenting and climate activism for publications such as The Sun, Eco-watch,, Spirituality and Health, Oregon Quarterly, and the Oregonian.

In her book The Parents Guide to Climate Revolution: 100 Ways to Build a Fossil-Free Future, Raising Empowered Kids, and Still Get a Good Nights Sleep she presents a ground-plan by which parents can raise the eco-awareness of their offspring in self-empowering and nurturing ways.

Radical Approaches

A Parent’s Guide to Climate Revolution has been constructed around a number of core concepts. These include;

  • Harmonize family life-ways and Earth-ways
  • Save money and time
  • View our climate in a new light
  • Care for your soul
  • Cultivate family connections
  • Raise empowered kids
  • Grow community connections
  • Build a fossil free future
Climate Revolution has been written to include a well of practical advice, guidance, insights, and resources.

Each of the 100 reflections that the author includes focuses upon one specific area or topic of concern to those wishing to reverse the endless and mindless onslaught upon our natural world. Whilst the book encompasses the more common aspects of climate change; such as natural energy creation, carbon footprint, sustainable food production and community eco-activism, De Mocker also includes many unpalatable facts regarding our petrochemical industry.

The world around us is changing at a dramatic rate and we need to adjust the financial and commercial basis upon which our society is founded. Mary DeMocker believes that we can bring about major changes and hence offset the worst of the destruction currently taking place on our planet but it is through teaching the next generation the lessons of our current one’s mistakes that salvation lies.


In the introduction to her book DrMocker explains how she wrote the book because she has spent the last twenty-one years trying to raise healthy kids whilst also protecting their natural environment. This hands-on approach to childrearing and planetary nurturance shines out like a beacon from the core of this bold and brazen publication.

Books from the within the heat of battle have a real resonance to them. The Parent’s Guide to Climate Revolution is just such a book and stands as a testament to the dedication and stoicism of its author. Her commitment to creating a better world for our future generations cannot be questioned and her words of advice and insight should be listened to..

For those who are you feeling inundated with the sheer weight of destruction and neglect being initiated by corporations will find in this book a fountain of encouragement and optimism. The battle to repair our planet has just begun and in A Parent’s Guide to Climate Revolution we are being offered a powerful set of battle plans.